Multiple game breaking issues! [Audio&Framerate stabillity]

**Platform: PC

Currently have zero audio from menu’s and within the game itself (already attempted traditional method such as disabiling-re enabiling devices to fix but do not work

Game is unplayable with getting a maximum of 15fps on the lowest settings possible and approx 7fps on ultra settings (which I suspect my PC should be able to run with no troubles) (all software’s are up to date)

**Steps To Reproduce: N/A, happens automatically upon launching and is re-occuring each launch during the while play session

game has now been re-installed several times and results are still the same

**Images / Videos: N/A

**Host or Client: Locally hosted game, also tested as client and produced similar results with even lower framerate, again making the game unplayable

**Players in your game: N/A, single player, client testing done with additional player, tested on both client and host side

intel i7-7700hq
Nvidia GTX1070 8GB GDDR5
OS: Windows 10 (latest patch)
graphics and audio drivers are up to date
stored on 1TB HDD so plenty of space
120hz 1920x1080 display