Must need suggestions

I’ve been playing generation zero alot with my friends and have enjoying the game on ungodly levels but I’ve noticed things such as the lack of variety especially the small machines. The only machines smaller then the player is the tick and runner and the lynx is about the same I think more smaller robots should be added along with that add all the gun types with experimental variants. Other then those complaints this game is the most satisfying stealth game ever made though the ammo up skill makes stealth kind of redundant cause you get 3x the amount of ammo you get even if you miss half your shots. But sniping and shotguns feel better to use anyway. Anyway done with the complaints here’s my suggestions. 1. Add in game molding support, I’m talking like fallout 4 or skyrim make people be able to make mods and add them to a mod browser for any version to use, this will allow the players to experience more content unique from each other. The only thing I see that could go wrong is multiplayer to remedy this to join modded multiplayer you have to specifically join them finding a game via the find game button will lead to a vanilla experience along with that you can’t use modded characters with vanilla games, back to the point you specifically join someone game and it uninstalls and installs the correct mods and you have an option to keep the mods it downloaded or not 2. Make the ability to farm resources at home base like wood and stuff so you can make walls easier but again to remedy this sometimes small mini raids can happen but if the player is in a fight the raids can’t happen and to insintise stealth the more you get seen the more “Heat” you get making the raids stronger and more frequent but killing things stealthily will decrease it
3. Make the reaper always drop at least a gold. I just killed my first reaper and it dropped the worst loot I’ve ever seen a tank drop so make it at least drop a gold
4. Add more vehicles that run off of resources like gas tanks and accelerant
5. Add stealth bonuses cause in late game it just becomes run n’ gun
6. Add more new player friendly ui but let players have the option to go back to classic to add to this make tutorial prompts be always accessible and more frequent on what to do
7. Make quests not always point directly to the area that you go instead give you an area to search so quests dont take 5 mins
8. Give hints on things like schematics existing same for experimental and how to spawn reapers explain what fnix bases are cause my buds went to one on accident when first reaching farm land and kept dying
9. Make story telling more clear and rational instead of some note that no ones going to read
10. Add clearer progression it went from prototype hunters to military/fnix hunters with military tanks within 3 secs
Anyway along to the suggestions for machines
Size: goliath
Name: destroyer
Types: prototype/apocalypse
Discription: a massive spider like machine very heavily armored prototype has 3 legs and is 2x the size of a fnix tank it travels on set paths with no machines in the area when it notices the player it will unleash a insanely loud screech that will alert all machines within a large radius though not in attack mode only on search it will attack the player with its massive legs as a primary attack but it has a missile silo on top of it head that shoots massive missiles that devastates a large area the weak points are the massive eyes are at the bottom of the main body. There are 3 tanks one for each leg and you can destroy them to slow the leg and make that leg unable to attack you fnix destroyers have 4 legs and is around 3x the size of a prototype tank it does the same thing but is much more heavily armored with deployable mines located at the bottom of the head
Size: small
Name: sentry
Types: scout/soldier/spetnaz
Discription: it has 3 legs all of them are around the size of a runner it has no weapons while running but can run 4x faster then the player at max speed they will then plant into the ground to reveal a very powerful gun such as a hmg or railgun the weak points are the tiny tanks on the sides of the gun and its eye located above the gun in run form they will be armored.

Edit: also make guns with no possible attachments in a certain attachment category not be present or blacked out and if you dont have an equitable attachment for a weapon dim the color of the attachment category to signify there is no attachment available

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I have book marked this to read later👌 so far I like the majority of it.

Honestly it would be cool if you could loot tanks, scrap metals, titanium, tungsten, accelerant, hand guns, 9mm ammo and maybe uranium if those tanks had depleted uranium rounds.

I agree with this 100%, there are other ways that could be implemented to make quests more exciting and less direct, It would be more fun if we had to find it using a scavenged map & compass, hints and less markers. Even MPCs chating about specific buildings or signs that you had to find would be much more fun then being told where to go.

I would love to see a walking fortress called a goliath

I think the progression is fine for immersion sake, the random factor is a huge part of what I like in this game, thats why stealth is even a thing.

This actually is a really good point. Not much to add to this.

True more content, but its too early for this i think. Once you mod it there is no going back, I just want to see the finished product first before temptation kicks in the door ya know. :joy:

thank you for your feedback I really do like the way the games getting updating but if your updating the game please make it clear that something has changed :confused:

yea having some apoc tanks here and there is fine but one minute your just got out your comfort zone with proto hunters and now everything has rpg’s and if it slightly grazes you. you die instantly

though you could may had a different experience as i have when i played so this statement is subjective