Some more suggestions :/

so I posted a while back on some suggestions ( Here: Must need suggestions ) and stuff that needs to be implemented like not seeing attachment slots on weapons with an available attachment etc. to some other misc stuff I would like to see within the game. I will break this up Into 3. categories 1. Changes and additions to base game 2. Weapons, machines, attachments etc. 3. Misc

.Have a certain way to get a creative type mode: like if someone got max level they can create a new character with creative that can spawn walls and weapons and stuff, fly around god mode stuff like that in a menu, imagine a horde scenario with a creative guy spawning like hunters while the players stay in the house fending them off with set weapons and it would add variety and playable
Footnote: Creative players can only do multiplayer in private lobbys and everyone who joins also has creative
.add shems for buildings
global threat level: like region level but every zone levels up slower and spawns rivals slower. because rn there’s no reason to leave the forest other than side quests
.Make the enemy actually reasonably intelligent: I could be standing right next to like 15 hunters and as long as a standstill crouched they can’t see me, so you’re telling me the machine who can see through walls and senses fear is trumpeted by not moving
.Add variations to the base defense: so there already is but i mean like random variations not set variations in a random order, it becomes predictable
.New experimental attachments with cool abilities

  1. (DLC content ommited)

.Kobra röd prick 1,25x (Cobra red dot) attachable to:
Klaucke 17
Experimental variant: Seek (Gives slight auto-aim and points out components)
.Provisorisk siktförlängare 1x (Makeshift sight extender (Resistance)) Attachable to:
Möller PP
Description: a bolted on attachment for the Möller PP to add accuracy
Experimental variant: Adjust (On hip fire increases hip-fire accuracy immensely, on aim in no sway)
.Modulärt pistolkikare 1~5x (Modular pistol scope 1~5x (Resistance)) Attachable to:
Möller PP: 1-2x
Klaucke 17: 1-3x
.44 Magnus: 3-5x
.Pistol silencer: Experimental effect: Absolute zero (Gun noise released to sonic soundwaves that machine cant hear (Possible: Increases sway???)
.XM202 prototyp launcher (just add an e to prototyp)
Capacity: 4
Damage: Hella
Accuracy: Not perfect
Sway: Some
Noise: Hella
Ammo type: Rockets
Other: Makes user slow, rockets fire slower, 4 rocket burst
Experimental effect: Lock-on
.From here on I will be using names I thought of
.7,62MM Typmonterad Hailfire (7.62MM Type mounted Hailfire)
Capacity: 400
Damage: Some
Accuracy: low
Sway: None
Fire rate: 1,000 RPM
Noise: Earrape
Ammo type: 7.62
Other: cannot use while standing, only while crawling, while the gun is equipped time to crawl from standing increased, has the slowest reload time with 15.5 seconds
Experimental effect: Wind up (while firing RPM increases from 1,000 to a max of 3,000)
.En mans störtflod (One man’s barrage (Resistance))
Capacity: 20
Damage: Low
Accuracy: none existent
Sway: Hella
Fire rate: 1 shot
Ammo type: 12 gauge
Other: uses all ammo loaded to launch a barrage of projectiles
Resistance effect: Flak shot (fires a ball that depending on where you aim explodes into hella projectiles)


Sidenote: this was taking to long so i will come back later to finish it. My regards- Pro gamer