My Char ist gone deleted by the Game after Playing

First sorry for my english, i played yesterday 4 hours the game after dont playing it over 4 months , after playing i clicked back to desktop the game frozen and don’t closed, i waited 15 minutes, my char was level 5 cant back to desktop cant use task manager or change user so i reset the pc it restarted normally.

I started the game and continue is gone only start new game my char is gone! Where is my Data? Where is my Char?

You will find your data by
Navigate to Documents -> Avalanche Studio -> Generation Zero -> Saves -> Random numbers (Steam ID) and do tell me what you will find in this folder. If its gone, there is a slight chance where you can recover it by steam cloud, otherwise there should be a back up file there for situations like this.

And, If you could tell us your specs, If its a laptop/desktop, and what OS it is, Would make it easier for me to help you :slight_smile:

Look here, maybe some of this can help you: