N60 and N16 in inventory doesn't spawn ammo

So from what I’ve personally seen, the game gives you the ammo based on the weapons that you equip. Except for the N16 and N60, apparently. So I got a new 4* N60, and decided to loot some Readiness storages in Himfjall. While looting these storages, I noticed that 7.62 ammo didn’t spawn even though I had the N60 equipped. (I also had a 5* HP5 and 4* Panser sniper with me too, which is why SMG and .50 ammo spawned)

I then grabbed my 5* Ai-76, and 7.62 ammo spawned again

I also tested this on the N16, and 5.56 ammo wouldn’t spawn
All you need to do to repeat this is grab a N16 or N60, and loot an ammo box
Host, I play singleplayer
Specifications: Don’t think these matter
Edit: Forgot to mention I also had Salvage 1

All loot is 100% RNG at the point of searching.

Did you try with the Weapons pack or just base game weapons?

I’m actually inclined to agree with this bug report, something is off about the spawnrates of ammo when you carry these weapons. I’d like to include the N9 as well.

This issue was encountered before, with the introduction of the Kvm 89 and Kvm 59, so maybe there’s a correlation between new weapons > ammo droprates that needs adjusting.

Tried to reproduce the issue and here are my findings:

While i did find some 7.62mm and 5.56mm ammo, it was little compared to what i usually find when i have AG4 or KVM89 in my inventory, especially since i also have Salvage level 2 skill.

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Oh forgot to mention, I had Salvage 1, so that is definitely the problem

The N9 and ammo spawn rates work fine for me, that’s why I didn’t include it.

I’ve experienced this problem as well, with all three U.S. weapons. I have salvage 1 and 2 on my char. and have found very little 9mm handgun or 5.56 rounds.

Why am i not getting 5.56 ammo?

The N16 that I should be able to use right away, is actually useless.

Did you just start? I didn’t start getting 5.56 till about the farmlands. You’re not really expected to have an N16 in terms of loot tables yet.

I’m getting ammo for the N9 and N60 which are from the same package.

I’ve read something about this being a bug, but that was a year old thread.

The 5.56 ammo hasn’t high drop rates in archipelago region, you must advance to other regions to find more, as of the N60 and N9 they uses the same ammo as the AG4 and Klaucke which both are obtainable in archipelago. The 5.56’s first use would be in an AG5 (unless you have a N16) which you have less of a chance of meeting in archipelago, therefore it shouldn’t drop as much 5.56 ammo in archipelago!

First of all, remember to keep a 5,56 weapon in your inventory to increase your chances of finding 5,56 ammo! It actually works that way.

Also, I’m not sure if Prototype class Hunters and Harvesters have 5,56 as part of their loot pool, but I know Prototype Tanks drop 5,56. :+1:

Originally, 5,56 was not something you would find until around mid-game. So yes, finding it in the Archipelago is not very likely or easy. :slightly_smiling_face:

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