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It’s actually 6 more days :wink:

ACTUALLY pontus just announced a delay on the Resistance update on stream :frowning:

Regarding base building, i’d rather wait extra month, so devs and testers have time to iron out bugs and finalize the new mechanic, rather than get the half-baked feature at promised date. :slight_smile: There have been too many half-baked new mechanics added to the game already. No need to continue on the same path. It just causes player frustration.

Yeah, I support the opinion “better later, but finished”.

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I play on console. I don’t experience these “half baked” update bugs that seem to plague other players. What exactly are y’all referring to when you say half baked?

Here are few:

  • Bikes
    Too cumbersome to use.

  • New list-based inventory
    No easy sorting/filtering as of date.

  • LMGs
    When they 1st came, you didn’t find almost any ammo they use, when wielding them + their drop rate was too low. It has been fixed.

  • US weapons
    Same issue currently as with LMGs were, you don’t find almost any ammo they use, when wielding them. Topic: N60 and N16 in inventory doesn't spawn ammo + their drop rate currently is way too low.

  • Assignments
    Some of them doesn’t work at all. Most notably: first aid crafting. Topic: Assignments not tracking or refreshing. Unable to get new dailies

  • Reaper
    When it 1st came, you could loot it as many times as you wished after killing it, thus gaining rewards effortlessly. This is now fixed.


Alright I gotchu. Yea he the bikes for me, is one of the most notable.

Also speaking of half-baked. I remembered that when sitting in boats, frequently water will glitch through the hull, and sort of swamp the boat. I’m not sure if this is intended, but it happens regardless.

That’s map issue. Best reported here: [Weird Terrain] Dump miscellaneous terrain issues you see here!

Okay, since we’re talking about detail, then I’ll drop something to you. In English the apostrophe replaces a missing letter (or two). Hence, in “It’s” the apostrophe is replacing the “I” from “it is”. But English is frequently irregular, and one of the strangest irregularities is that the possessive “its”, which should have an apostrophe (replacing “It His”) doesn’t have it. So, the possessive “its” is written like that, without an apostrophe. When I started copywriting, I couldn’t believe it and had to ring a large London ad agency and talk to the copywriting department, to make sure. Why? I asked, and they said, “It just doesn’t”.

So: “It’s just as though its rockets have run out.”

I have a little surge of joy every time I write the possessive “its”. :smile:

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Mule for Materials you say…

Are you doing this solo?

I’ve only ever played solo, if that’s what you mean. I try not to horde stuff but with base building in the game I made a mule character a few days ago to hold any extra materials.

  • Crating materials though…or just equipment.

I only ask as I can’t figure a way to transfer crafting materials via mule solo

Yes materials, mainly a load of cloth. The recycling station works like the plundra, it’s shared on all characters.

OK, so how do you get your mule to a recycling station solo if there’s nobody to push you to one?

The mule is one of your other characters that you have just for storage of equipment. Just the same for crafting materials as with other stuff.

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Feel free to discuss it further in here. :slight_smile:


OK, I feel I’m going slightly in circles here.

So for clarity - I know what a mule is and how to use one, the issue is - how do you get your mule - to a recycling station in solo play to store more?

Make a recycling station right next to a place you spawn in the resistance base.