New added locations

Yeah, people dismiss the fact there’s FOA 2 written on it… It isn’t really a mistake in decals either as I’ve checked. Still kinda pushing my theory here - These things are connected in looooong tunnels across to produce those large quanitities of machines without our interference… just because we already eliminated a key manufacturing facility.

So i’m not sure if this was added earlier but today (5 November) I stumbled upon Øverby FNIX Research Facility

I’m not sure if this was added in FNIX Rising or it was added with the update that came today.

[Edit] It’s in the middle of the Airfield in the Farmlands Region

It was added with the Update. As to what it’s for, I’ve no idea :thinking:

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Alright let’s just mention the elephant in the room/the Big F-off Crater in the Farmlands region

It contains 2 collapsed and partially exposed tunnels

Spoilers about our Grim..."Big friend"

The blueprints for the Reaper

And a Strange locked door that may have something to do with the Reaper.

Interesting, isn’t it? This seems to indicate some kind of underground facility. Perhaps an enormous bunker complex, but it took a direct hit from something very, very powerful.

So I found this20201105145117_1
It doesn’t lead anywhere (yet?)

Any ideas of what this could be?


I think it’s a piece of a destroyed barn :wink:

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There seems to be something below the door, if you look thru the cracks…
Its not just laying on the ground…

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That’s what i thought too but it’s just too flat and obvious in my opinion
it looks more like the floor of a destroyed building, like an explosion has uncovered it.
Note: It appears to lay lower than the ground so it might have been buried and recently uncovered by the blast or something/someone else

All i could see is dirt, couldn’t get a good picture of it unfortunately
If there is supposed to be something under there it isn’t yet i think

Merged to appropriate topic.


There is also a new collector’s item nearby

Yeah, thats my theory too, probably just a empty shaft or ditch under that door at the moment.

Not quite sure, if this belongs here, but I’ll try to be flexible with the threads topic.
Under FOA2 you can find at least one big cavern. You can get there by dropping down the big holes in the ground where the small one person elevatortubes were.

Was there anything notable before the update or was it just fields ?

just fields

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I’m pretty sure that’s a bug since the side chambers in the “arena” is also missing

It’s a known issue. Also linked to it in this thread.

Probably meant to be something there in the future, but for now it’s not much to look at.

Just east of Stora Dyrbo I found this
It’s appears to be a barn that is built into the side of a cliff, in front of the barn is a large amount of burnt vehicles, likely destroyed in the blast from the crater to the north.
Inside the barn is a Armored door blocked by ruble. It also appears that someone has attempted to clear the entrance to the door due to the loot and the axe in the piece of wood next to the door.

I belive that this might be/have been a shelter for civilians or some other military installation that was used as a shelter

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Consider your request granted, @Thagen :+1:

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Tower at the Annagruvan mine got an upgrade:

The blue door is locked.