New added locations

Not quite sure, if this belongs here, but I’ll try to be flexible with the threads topic.
Under FOA2 you can find at least one big cavern. You can get there by dropping down the big holes in the ground where the small one person elevatortubes were.

Was there anything notable before the update or was it just fields ?

just fields

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I’m pretty sure that’s a bug since the side chambers in the “arena” is also missing

It’s a known issue. Also linked to it in this thread.

Probably meant to be something there in the future, but for now it’s not much to look at.

Just east of Stora Dyrbo I found this
It’s appears to be a barn that is built into the side of a cliff, in front of the barn is a large amount of burnt vehicles, likely destroyed in the blast from the crater to the north.
Inside the barn is a Armored door blocked by ruble. It also appears that someone has attempted to clear the entrance to the door due to the loot and the axe in the piece of wood next to the door.

I belive that this might be/have been a shelter for civilians or some other military installation that was used as a shelter

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Consider your request granted, @Thagen :+1:

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Tower at the Annagruvan mine got an upgrade:

The blue door is locked.

The BOO bridge has disappeared, you can no longer go to the other side of the city

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Huh that’s interesting i will need to check that out

That’s seems like a bug, just like FOA 2 is missing alot of stuff.
Normyra Artillery Base missing objects

It also worth noting that the small hut is open.

it contains 2 desks and what appairs to maybe be a “easter chicken” (Påskekylling in Norwegian)

other than that is the barn with machinery but i think that was already their
and a white tractor?

there’s also quite abit more cave around the mine itself
image image

New FNIX Research Facility west of Överby Airbase

There’s got to be some connection between that huge crater with its revealed tunnels and the mysterious Bunker 666 entrance, don’t you think?

A mission marker popped up on my map:

Just a map marker, nothing more :frowning:

And to confirm - it’s loose :wink:

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ah shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
here we go

K guys found a location

says its just a research facillity… and there’s ticks in this box, so might be able to find out what’s in it in the future?

Also the apoc harvester blueprint is on top of the office building in the airport


Yeah, I think so too. And that crater… Such a complex of tunnels connects to somewhere in four different directions. I think there’s more to the island of Östertörn than meets the eye.

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There is a new bunker called Stenmyra. It’s not very big just 3 rooms, but it’s full of ticks and dead military. I don’t have the coordinates, I forgot to take them, sorry, I can tell it’s north of the crater south of Boo

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