New added locations

So about that trap door in farmlands, next to the barn, i got a really good look at it and i can (very clearly) say that there is an industrial (just like the military use) stair case! There are also flickering lights! I can’t see the bottom though.


Found a farm just east of the crater

nice find got a better look myself
seems to be one of these spiral stairs

[edit] second image is taken from Hermelinen Command Bunker and is purely for reference.


So does anyone has any idea about this door?
It’s in one of the collapsed tunnels in the crater

It must have something extremely secret since it’s the first door I’ve seen with another set of doors.

I was thinking that maybe when you get a full FOA suit, the scan might let you in.

Nope. I have the full set. Does not open.

So I got side tracked from getting ammo schematics, and I find this…

I was again looking for ammo schematics, then I find this truck

I got this screenshot because I thought the bottom right writing might mean something, but it might just be the model name.
Location for anyone wondering where this is
I personally think this one of Veronika’s hideouts, but it might be something else.

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The tank off the bridge is not new. It was there before FNIX Rising. I believe it was added in the archipelago facelift update.

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That has been there since 2019.
Sorry :sweat_smile:

It was there even before the first Archipelago facelift.
Because when I started the game back in October 2019, the first time I approached the bridge I was scared that the Tank was still active, only an hour later I discovered it was destroyed :joy: .

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Found a new cult hideout

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I got so confused by it I looked at for like 2 minutes trying to figure it out. lol

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I thought he was trapped in the water, that it could not move but still Functional :joy: .

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The text on the computer means Workstation 686

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The farm just north of Anl 182 - Someone was partying very very hard out there :wink:

There are also 2 COTW first aid kits :flushed:

…oh, and they restore much more than 50% of health :wink:

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It was an easter chicken


Now we need a Wester Goat… :stuck_out_tongue:

Not really a new location, but there are no “curiosities topic”
I discovered for accident, that now runners are able to go after you even when riding a Bike!
They will go after you for hundreds of meters, when before (at least until April update) they stood there shooting at you and would stop the pursuit after you got too much ahead of them.
A new interesting Curiosity right?