NEW BUG, Lost Bases after May 25, 2023 Update

Platform: PC

PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT the same bug that was mentioned in the May 17th dev letter for Tylöveden Home Base, which has supposedly been fixed. That bug caused one single base to disappear, NOT a majority of bases in multiple regions. I was not affected by that prior bug they mentioned.

MOST bases gone when I loaded my single-player map!..

When the May 25th update hit (Tactical Response), I started playing multiplayer coop for the first time. I played on others’ maps, then shortly on a new map I created for coop, leaving my main, much completed, single-player map to be played only by myself for later.

I went back to my single-player map once or twice for short periods when I was unable to get a stable coop game host (again, this was after the May 25th update). As far as I was aware, everything was fine with that map each time i visited it, and I even visited bases which are now gone.

Then, I decided to buy the new Tactical Equipment Pack 2 DLC yesterday (6/16/23) and immediately went into finding a coop game that day. I played around on multiple hosted games through the day.

Today, I played more coop, then quit and later decided to go back to single-player on my main single-player map I’ve been playing only as single-player since I first bought the game. This was the first time I had loaded this map since buying the new DLC. As I mentioned above, after the May 25th update and before installing the new DLC, the map was fine. This leads me to think it may have had something to do with installing the Tactical Equipment Pack 2 DLC.

Today, after loading this map, the first thing I did was bring up the map screen, and noticed one of my bases was gone, then I looked at my map screen and all control point bases I had claimed and built in South Coast Region were unclaimed… ALL bases in that region were lost. I had 4 claimed and built bases before this bug hit. One had large stores of ammo and health items which are now lost.

I then looked at Farmlands region. Only 2 of my 6 built bases remained (Broangen & Sjoglimten).
3 of the other four were disowned and ALL resources, items and ammo lost.
The other remaining base lost was the Floda Control Point, and it was now a full strength FNIX base (as seen in screenshot), but when I went there, there was only a command center, no shield generators, and no walls or enemies.
One base, which I had never claimed (Overby control point) showed as claimed, but when I go there, there is no trailer and no pile to use to claim it (as seen in screenshot).

All Forest Region bases were fine, and none had been lost.

A significant amount of resources, ammo, and health items were lost due to this bug. I’m not the kind of person who enjoys modding or cheating in games, as I see many people do in co-op. These bases that were lost represent a good deal of time played over many months and many game hours of play. It is a significant loss that is felt most keenly.

I also have no reason to believe my remaining bases are safe from future un-initiated disowning. Will I lose my remaining bases, or bases I claim going forward, in the same manner, along with significant resources, ammo and gobs of health items?

Steps To Reproduce: unknown cause, although its timing in happening shortly after purchasing and installing the Tactical Equipment Pack 2 DLC was suspicious.

Images / Videos:

Host or Client: Host

Players in your game: one, only me

Specifications: windows 10 64-bit OS, core i-5 7400, 24GB ram, Nvidia 1080 OC GPU, samsung 960 SSD, samsung G9 mega-wide monitor.

This sounds like an issue I had where aspects of the world are shared across different profiles.

I had all bases taken over by FNIX and multiple rivals before creating a new map on a different profile to play co-op with After switching back to my original profile my map had been more or less reset.

Later, when my son was playing on the second profile, for the first time in ages, we noticed that the bases / region score / rivals on that world we exactly the same as my original profile, the game wasn’t separating the world state between profiles.

Creating a new one and playing co-op overwrote my original, and then now regardless of which profile I use the bases / region score & rivals are shared across both. Actions on a different profile on the same machine affect each others world progress.