New Content POLL

Hey Everyone!

I’m just wondering what the community is currently hungry for in Generation Zero. I created a poll below with multiple choices for new content.

Choose the option that you want the most in an upcoming GZ update. Also tell me in the comments if you do not see the option you are looking for because you may not be the only one who wants it. I will probably make another poll if I forgot a bunch of stuff. Bug Fixes are not an option on this list, cuz its about NEW content.

  • New Island(s)
  • Swimming + Survival Mechanics ( Wildlife )
  • New Experimental Weapons
  • New Enemies / Rival Enhancements
  • New Vehicles
  • New Weapon Skins
  • Story Update
  • Machine Companions
  • More Base Structures
  • New Weapon Attachments
  • New Weapons

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Also, it’d be nice to know why you want that specific type of new content, or what you are hoping it to be if we get it.

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There are no multiple choices, you can only choose one, although its ok for me.

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Fix all the bugs, glitches and crashes. It is unclear if today’s update fixed more issues or caused more issues.


I technically could create a multiple choice poll
, but I would vote for everything on this list!

It’s easy. If you have seen everything, you want to see something new.
We got weapons, bases, new enemies and even revamps of the existing location. Well, not all yet, so a revamp of mountain region first would be ok, too. But after that… It would be great. An expansion of the story on a new region (island).

I would like to see a new island :desert_island:, story updates, new enemies, new vehicles and new weapon skins :grinning:

Fix the bikes we paid for.


I voted for more islands, but most of all i would like fixes to all the bugs.

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It’s honestly sad to see the results of polls like this, Because it’s quite clear that literally everyone would love to see a new island, But the devs have been refusing to make another one since himfjäll. And with news we have gotten that they have zero plans atm to work on another one is baffeling.
They 100% know that a new island is what the majority wants but they wont put time into actually making it a reality, Instead we get weapons skins and weapon dlc’s…


100% agree.
And soon we might start to have no space for new weapon dlcs :sweat_smile:

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In order I’d like
New Island
New base structures
Story Update

Id also like new vanity packs. I’d love to see references to The Lost Boys, The Karate Kid and maybe Rambo. And new, better faces!

After that I’m not fussed except new weapon skins definitely last! Haha

I want new islands. Though if that’s ever to happen, we’d better recruit more testers.

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Love the game but I’d personally love throwables with their own button and throwing arc if hold button down! Maybe an added function with throwing accuracy giving you the arc?

From what they recently revealed on Twitter, it seems that Himfjall was already pretty much finished up before the game even released, as it was shown on the prototype map.

They won’t make a new island as that would take time and resources they no longer have.

Why put in the effort when you can rush out uninspired skin packs and copy-pasted control points?


Systemic Reaction resources are instead focused on an also copy-pasted dark souls/fantasy rpg open game, Ravenbound :thinking: .

What is funny is that Generation Zero has the biggest fanbase and active users from their latest games, sure with big bugs and many months without updates numbers get lower, but still high enough in comparison with others.
Second extinction is at its lowest time now for example.


… Could have been interesting to me, but they never released it on Playstation…

I don’t know what’s their deal with Microsoft, but until now it often had bad influence on the games in total. Often just Microsoft benefits.

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The wish for a new Island exists since years. The new bases and the new addet stuff like weapon dlc’s and skins are ok. There where made beautifull revamps of existing locations and some new added ones. But i think now it is time for a new island.


We all know that there is one big island on the map, and there are already roads and also a airport to see. I would really jump up and down if we get some new boss or even a last stand against FNIX/Svante Ulmer.

I mean the story is not over, FNIX is still alive and the Soviet forces are also still a big part in the whole system. I’d also really like it if we could get like drones that could survey like 200-300 meters around you, without alarming any machines or with low alarming rate. Since most of the time I really want to just loot but also want to know where the enemies are to avoid them, since hearing is not always enough. Anyways that is my side on things that I’d like to be added.

*Side thoughts:*

-Bug fixes and issues are as we know a high priority but not always the most needed thing for a game to stay alive and lets be honest, some bugs are funny and not that horrible to deal with for now.

-More weapons would be cool but what are more weapons doing for us if we could wait longer and get more story or even enemies to fight against.

-Companions would be cute and some ideas would really be helpful since we could have different ones with different abilities, like alarming us when a machine has high level loot and so on.

Sorry for the long text, have a good day and DEATH TO THE MACHINES!

That’s just because of the used textures there.
In earlier days the map seemed to have been “painted by hand”. With landfall update the map changed in some points and seemed to be generated by world, dependend on which textures / assets have been used.