New Enemy Types and the Meaning of Death

My feedback will be short and succinct. I love the game in its current state; I think it is very close to being the best game I’ve played this year so far. The concept and the execution seem to blend together well, and the atmosphere is almost unparalleled.

However, two things bug me (besides the UI, which, I’ve seen comments on, so I’ll refrain from it.), and they are the lack of enemy variety and the lack of meaning to death besides a statistic on the character sheet. I’ll start with the latter.

I think that dying should lose you all of your currently carried ammunition except for what’s currently in your gun. This will encourage caution and will keep players from just re-entering a fight from the nearest safehouse or field radio - this practice nullifies the entire aspect of survival. You died, and now you have to sneak around and collect ammo before dropping into the next fight, or change your kit and practice more complex inventory management, picking what you take out to the field, including ammo, more carefully.

In regards to enemy variety, I would like to see a bog-standard enemy that is not the Runner, but rather more like the Droids from Star Wars. Something Humanoid and still frail and one-shotable, but less speedy than the Runner while being more destructive; a higher rate of fire and longer firing sequences, for instance. Further, swarms of Ticks that patrol the map would be an interesting threat.

While I’m sure similar suggestions have been made in the same vein, I’d like to reinvigorate this discussion and hear from the community about these two specific topics.

Similar suggestions have been made and any discussion about them takes place in the appropriate topics;
New enemy types: New enemy types - Remade
Death penalty: Death Penalty When Dying

Due to that, we don’t need the same discussion in two separate topics and i’ll be locking this one. :lock:Moreover, since you’re talking about two different feature requests and discussion of both in the same topic will confuse the discussion flow.

Next time, do search the forums before making a new topic, since chances are good that a topic already exists of what you like to discuss about.