New experimental weapons variants

I have a few ideas for new experimental weapons variants of already existing weapons. This is a sorta brief list with rough ideas:

  1. Experimental kvm 89, bullets are corrosive and also can damage the player due to it being corrosive (the machine being corrosive once u shot it, eventually goes away) - this isn’t just my idea, other people have had similar but I just added the damage part
  2. Experimental moller, like the klaucke, but has less damage and a higher chance of an EMP explosion.
  3. Experimental AG5, its like the polar opposite of the Exp. AG4. Like it shoots freezing bullets that freezes components for 1-3 seconds, so you can shoot a hunter’s machine gun before it shoots and it cancels the shooting action.
  4. Experimental Brannbol bat, there are 2 ideas that I have, one has a shield and the other is just fast attack. The shield one could have 6 charge points (like Exp. sledgehammer) and the shield lasts for like 5 seconds, could be an exclusive drop from the Reaper. The fast attack one could just have the attack speed halved.
  5. Experimental Meusser, Could be completely silent, as in the robots cannot detect it firing but the player still hears something.
  6. Experimental Algstudsare, could have an extended mag, since there isn’t an attachment for hunting rifles.
  7. Experimental HP5, could be explosive rounds, but not very explosive (like a weaker bolt gun from Warhammer 40,000)
  8. Experimental Sjoqvist, has the ability to fire flares, effectively a shotgun with a flare gun.

Would appreciate more ideas or better ones than those that I already made.

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