New Guns in the Game?


I know wow a new guns page quite an original idea. I just want to tell a few guns I would like in the game. First off I would really like the luger pistol that german commanders usually had during WWII. Also, I know this won’t happen because of copyright reasons but if they could add the halo assault rifle that would be awsome I could blow through some machines with that sucker.


If we are asking for Halo weapons that we will never get. Put me down for a Needler


That would be cool i want an energy sword to handle charging runners.

  1. The Franchi Spas-15 for a magazine fed shotgun option, but it does less damage and has less range than the others
  2. A potato gun adapted to fire grenades, only one in game, tier 5
  3. Early model of the MP7 with small magazine but rapid fire and high damage


The MP7 would use a separate more rare ammo than the other SMGs, like the AG5


I’mma go ahead and move this to Feedback/Feature Requests, it’s a subject that’s brought up on a common basis and many would like to see more guns in the game.

Myself, I’d love the swedish KSP 58 machinegun. It’s a beast that fires 7,62 rounds at an alarming rate, perfect for suppressing machines and eating up all that spare ammo :slight_smile:

Also, the BFG 9000.


Okay, my all time favourite game weapon (except for the Portal Aperture Science Quantum Tunneling Device that is not really a gun at all) is the Half-Life crossbow firing uranium rods. I adored the “SPOINGGG” sound it made when you pulled the trigger. But seriously I think that we are already very well equipped in the weapons departement. But it would be fun if we occationally could use a vehicle or ground mounted machine cannon against hordes of oncoming machines … :smiling_imp:


I would like a remote-controlled explosive.


how about a riot shield?


What about a **dragunov sniper rifle ** ? It fits perfectly in the game and actually I was surprised that it isn’t already there .


The Dragunov isn’t there because all weapons are based on what the swedes used in the late 80s. But there is a few weapons the army used that’s not in the game. Like a few handguns, the browning BAR automatic rifle (used by the homeguard until late 80s) and the classic mauser bolt action rifle in 6,5mm.


Some guns they may not be able to add for legal reasons as im pretty sure they have to get permission and stuff as sum games had to rename guns for this reason but i would like to see more if its possible even being able to craft gun modification would be nice aswell


They have already made up all the names for the current guns ecept for the 12G Shotgun and maybe a few other of the guns.


Yes, basically missing all the machine guns.

And only one what would fit mostly the games timeline is Kulspruta 58 or 88 depending is it late 80’s or early. :slightly_smiling_face:

Maybe now day weapons in future DLC or GZ 2 where timeline jumps to 2020 or something like that.
I wouldn’t mind playing the same map with different year, same thing happening all over again. With more futuristic robots invading Sweden.


Thats a wacky name also im not sure how they would incorporate a heavier and larger gun into the game


Need some sort of belt feed gun like the robot have.


How about a Russian SKS 7.62 mm carbine rifle? I feel with the current story in the game it would fit in quite well.


Did the Russians have anything to do with Sweden close to the cold war. Im not to educated on that partucular subject.


They loved to visit the Swedish costal waters. So much in fact, that they tried to land one of their Whisky class submarines (U137) on the beach. The got stuck on some rocks, however. That gave the drink “Whisky on the rocks” new fame for a while.


The reason I think the SKS (or something similar) would be great in the game is due to the power gap between one of the hunting rifles and the .50 caliber rifle, also due to 7.62 mm ammunition not being used for much else in the game besides two assault rifles, both of which can be found pretty quickly.