New idea for bot types


Good guy trade system A rogue robot harvester that roams that allows you to hack with remote hacking skill. -than opens a store menu that’s for upgrading a weapon you own. Worn to exception or special. Can even trade meds for ammo and vice versa.
Can upgrade emergency Flair’s into fire works with adding ammo.(or gun powder)A and a bunch more.
If you kill it, it’s just a basic harvester drop and it spawns some where in the map. Within the Next seven game days. * Would just be funny and cool. More for you level 31s, with not much to do or give solo players a jump.

Horror a harder and solo Hunter with a short mag flame thrower and reaper sickle type melee and it evades destruction and stalks players after they wipe out a squad of hunters. It drops the trappers like the tickers get dropped.

Additional bad guy trapper its just as small as a ticker. It roams and sticks it self to loot boxes and such. If you don’t shoot or disarm first you trigger it’s trap. Class type determines trap strength.

Bigger than tank less mobile than harvester. A Big boi- the hazard. Six legged walker with Front tombstone like plate used to block frontal assault. Motor rocket pods. Aoe Gas and Tesla pods under both back sets of bipod legs front two legs adjust and move tombstone shield.


I was thinking today that in terms of strength and firepower the game could use a machine that fits between a hunter and a tank. I am new to the game and have just cleared the S archipelago and moved on to the south areas of the main island and the step change in AI difficulty is very noticeable. Too many tanks too quickly I think. MInd you it ups the tension game by forcing me to sneak about more.


Yeah, I was just about to say. :slight_smile: You’re under no obligation to engage in most of the fights.
Also, if by “the south of the main island” you mean “Översby Air Base”, let’s just say that that can be a harsh environment by anyone’s standards. :wink:


I haven’t got there yet, and yes, since leaving Norra Saltholmen I have been avoiding most fights. I refuse to combat a tank with a shotgun!


Wise decision, @Saddletank, though I actually managed to take down a tank in the woods near the church north of the Norra Saltholmen bridge by getting behind it and shooting it in the back using my shotgun … very much to my own surprise. I’m never going to try that again :flushed:


FWIW, if you’ve got a decent (blue or purple) Sjöqvist and a lot of buckshot, the prototype tanks are actually not hard if you play smart. Definitely not even going to try a military or FNIX one with just that though…


I took out my first harvester a few days ago but I died about 4 times which sucked because with each respawn its doggie escort respawned as well. It was stuck among some trees near the Nydala safehouse so I was able to shoot it up the bum quite a bit. :wink:

Huge sense of achievement when it finally went down!


Word has it that one of the harvesters carry a special Elgstudsare rifle! Can anyone confirm? I’ve hunted harvesters lately but haven’t found it yet. Sorry, that was off-topic.


Any FNIX Tank or Harvester can have a chance to drop a 5* Älgstudsare :wink:


Carrier a robot similar to the harvester
but its size would be at the width of two harvesters and its length 4 harvesters and it will drop **runners and ticks ** .


sick. I could see that changing some tactics. Even in a house, now your simple question is will the ammo last the tick swarm doggo fleet. Nice addition


A more possible idea for the carrier would be a 4 to maybe 6 legged machine that carries around shipping containers. maybe 1 or 2 containers, since they also may contain valuable loot it is worth the time to kill those.


I think before adding a whole new robot, that they could do a lot more by improving the AI of the current ones, such as giving dogs the ability to bash in wooden doors on houses, garages, and sheds - and sequencially navigating the buildings they bash in on.

Also - Tanks and harvesters should be a little more mobile, and call in for backup a little more often.


How about a machine that looks like a normal garden gnome, but when you get close it transforms into a bipedal killing machine with dual blades and a shoulder mounted Railgun.


And nobody yet, came up with the idea for a machine that places Relay Beacons? :slight_smile:

I mean… it kinda is like kicking in an open door, if you’d ask me.



I actually don’t think it’s been requested yet. It’s a really good idea, some kind of Machine similar to a Harvester that marks areas for uh, processing? I’m not sure what the beacons do.


I have yet to complete the full story, but if the machines in GZ were built by the Swedish military, I would think that Relay Beacons actually do as their name suggests.

They would seem to me like portable comm-towers, improving machine communication/interaction over distances when other forms of communication are shut down. Like signal boosters or part of a greater network/nexus.

Or perhaps like some form of Rally Points or staging area for machines to gather up.

And since ingame they drop Field Radios, I would think that humans could/would operate together with machines and the beacons are a way for controllers in the field to send out signals to the machines or even be able to command them from that point.

So, with all that in mind, I certainly would think that a machine which would place or repair these beacons would be a logical one to include. :slight_smile:

And it does’nt even have to be a really big one, but maybe one that is very fast and elusive. One that would place a beacon and run away from combat as fast as possible.


@Ixhaton awesome idea. Surely for a quick fix the harvesters could plant relay beacons? Increase their dog escort so that 4 of them then stay with the new beacon. Harvester could even carry a cargo of dogs to unload as beacon guards.


That would probably make more sense than what we have now. I mean, have we actually seen a harvester harvest anything?


I have only even seen one stick its probe in the ground a couple of times. So yeah, not sure what its supposed to be doing in line with the rest of the machine story. All the other machines have obvious military applications while the harvester appears to be industrial or even doing some kind of analysis. In one of the side missions you find a note from a survivor that one grabbed two of their frieinds and took them away (a bit like War of the Worlds) but that snippet is never expanded on, unless its related in some way to the Empty Spaces mission.