New island / machine


now that most of the fires have been stomped out , can we have another island to explore , or another machine type ?
hope you guys had a good break and have deserved it fully , whip crack back to work lol :smiley: :smiley:
looking forward to some updates , thanks again heaps.


Hi, during the last streaming session Graham, if I understood well, suggested we could expect some new contents apart from bug fixing. But no details have been given, maybe just some hints about the stash?


Surely someone has thought about a flying machine apart from the noise makers.


Yeah, it would be really cool with a new machine!!!..


imagine something like this with machine guns each side and a some more weapons on the roof :smiley: :smiley:


I would like to have robots that can swim. This could extend the nature of the fight.
Or some robots that are in the ground and can prevent you from moving until you shoot them.
And something like a big boss. because the hardest one isn´t really hard if u fight him with ur friends.


Well if they could swim then they would have to be coated with rust-proof paint or they would be falling apart…


that looks like it should have flamethrowers


That is a beast. Yeah, I could see that having a distinct role to play. It might even be able to outrun you - up the mountains and all sorts. I might try to swim…


Where have you found it? Near hour home or from internet?


yeah… Of course. But this is not a real point