New machine idea: dragonfly

Continuing with my ideas of adding flying machines, I present the dragonfly

if you remember my last idea the hornet you will see some resemblance, that’s because the dragonfly is the Hornets little brother, while the hornet is large, heavy and slow, the dragon fly is light, fast and small, the dragonfly has less armour and and less weapons but it makes up for it with being quicker and having fiercer attacks. The dragon fly has 2 rocket pods on each side that launch 20 small rockets that dont do that much damage in a large area, meaning it’s harder to dodge but doesn’t hurt as much, the dragonfly also had 2 ball turrets, kind of like the hornet were these turrets can pick there own targets separate from the main machine meaning this machine could attack 3 enemys at once. It would be double the speed of the hornet but have half the armour.

Link to hornet idea: New machine idea: hornet

Nice idea!
What calibre weapons and how big would this thing be?

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Probably 5.56 machine guns turrets and it probably would be the size of a little bird in real life

In that case it is more likely to be a .32 then a 5.56 mostly do to recoil.

people like strapping guns to drones as a test here in the USA, and anything larger then 9mm causes problems for small drones to the point firing a few shots can knock your own drone off balance do to recoil.

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Well it wouldn’t be that small, probably the size of a little bird, and the double helicopter blades are meant to stabilize the machine

When they said ‘little bird’, they meant the helicopter.


I wasn’t sure about that. It’s quite a difference. But that would make more sense to be able to hit them. And of course for the arms of it.