New machine idea: hornet

We do not have many flying machines and the only one we do have has no way to defend itself even though they would spice up the enemies we see and how we fight, a cool idea that could change up how the game works is with a gunship type of machine.

Meet the hornet, a large gunship like machine that will hover around a few meters off the ground lile a helicopter and lay waist to its foes with its heavy firepower, it would have 4 rocket pods, 2 on each side that the machine uses and could be loaded with standard rockets, gas rockets or napalm rockets, along with 3 machine guns placed around on the body, 2 on the head on each side and 1 on the back, these machine guns would work separately from the main machine though and pick there own targets separately and act kind of like the turrets in base assult shooting at anything they see, the hornet would also be heavily armoured to protect itself from attacks, it also has a blast attack with its 2 massive propellers that are on each side were if forces alot of pressure underneath itself if you come too close.
That’s what I think a cool new enemy type should be.


I like the idea of a flying unit.

I try to quote my ideas on a similar machine I once had:


It would be awsome if its not so large. Like the wings being the size of seekers.

The way you describe it makes it sound like a flying tank sorry if i miss understood.

Just what i need a nother gigantic machine to deal with lol

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Sounds even greater in my eyes.
But size is an important matter here.

For my idea (I called it Predator now) it should be able to “carry” some runners and/or hunters… Or at least should work like a flying harvester with machine guns.

And that’s the size I thought about because of 2 more reasons.

  • it should be spotable from a large distance.
  • it should be hitable.

A flying and moving heavy target is hard to hit. Granatgevär should be an option to destroy it. If it’s too small it would be too difficult to hit it with its unguided missiles.

I’m just wondering how it should work if you hit it with emp rounds. Some of the great machines (apoc?) seem to have a resistance against emp. This would be important for a flying battle unit, too. Otherwise you could bring it down with a single emp round. It could at least be a component which you are able to destroy with some good hits.

  • Maybe a prototype predator/hornet doesn’t have anti emp shield. It’s just a prototype, fnix forgot it. No armor and just a dual machine gun. Can spawn up to 4 runners or 2 hunters (proto)

  • military class has an additional component against emp effects, some armor fot securing the turbines and additional missile launchers. Spawns 2 runners and 2 hunters (military).

  • fnix class could have additional armor plates, especially at the anti emp component. They could also have smoke launchers for building walls of smoke to hide the 3 spawned hunters and 2 runners (fnix, with missiles, mp or shotgun).

*apoc class doesn’t have an anti emp component that you can destroy. It has resistance against emp. It uses the same weapons as an apoc tank and spawns 2 hunters or 4 runners (apoc).

What do you think?

Theres a reasion why i pointed at keeping it smallish like each wing the size of a seeker.
If its too big then its honestly just going to be a nuisance. The bigger they are the more damage they take to bring down.
Also its a flyer the bigger it is the harder time it has flying. Again too big = too much armour.

Your trying for a flying tank which will just be a nuisance to kill no fun and all round better to just flat out avoid then to bother with unless there is some crazy steak tied around its neck like its garenteed to drop something good.

Runners are a nuisance flat out once you start taking on tanks and harvesters and hunters half the time i don’t even bother killing them if i can avoid it.

You don’t want it a nuisance you want it hard yet fun and worth it.

We don’t need an ariel based harvaster the ground ones and reapers are more then enough

Ok, that’s another point of view.
I don’t think a large dropship/gunship would be a nuisance. I think it would be a new challenge.

Vice versa, the smaller a flying assault unit gets, the less weapons it should have.
Your suggested size (turbines sized like a seeker) would be somewhere between the size of a runner and a hunter, I think.

If they are many, like hunters and runners often are, sometimes seeker as well, I think they could be a nuisance like a swarm of mosquitos. The name “hornet” would fit, I think. The armament should then be limited to one weapon with different varieties… Like runners.

What do you think about their strength or weak points?

Seekers often are a thing of one shot, one kill (at least with exp pvg)… But not always. Sometimes I need up to 4 hits. Should that be the same with the hornets? One good hit on a turbine could cause to make them stumble and crash.

What could they do, if you disarm them? Kamikaze-attack?

See i could totally see them having seeker like abilities drawing in the local toasters. I can also see them moving around in packs.

The big thing is i don’t find tanks or harvesters a “challange” in the least they go down fairly easy at the point where i have them down they are more annoying then a challenge but totally worth it for the loot at times or dealing with a threat. 10 hunters is more of a challenge then 1 tank takes less ammo too. I find harvesters and tanks to be more bullet sponge then anything. The most challenging thing about them is having enough ammo to bring them down.

The last thing this game needs is another bullet sponge.
Atleasts wolfs make their spongeyness a chalange cause of their nano repair

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If you know how to fight against them, almost every wolf is faster destroyed than every tank or even harvester.

But that’s not the topic :wink:

Tanks and harvesters are easy targets. They are slow. Imagine a flying unit like I described but strafing around you like a lynx, flying over you and turning around. No cover, unless you enter a building. In this case, it drops some hunters or runners that try to spot and attack you inside the building.
Or the flying unit could blend you with its spotlights, that makes aiming/targeting components difficult.

There are many ways such a unit must not be a bullet sponge but could be a challenge to fight against and to beat. But I agree… A single unit often isn’t a challenge if you have some practice and experience. Often it’s just the mix of units which makes it challenging.

That spotlight wont last with me. I have payed attention to how lighting is it the game. That spotlight it more a target to me unless that spotlight as a component is worth good loot. For others i could see it an issue.

And yes wolfs are faster to kill if you know what your doing but because of the lynx they spawn they are stil a challenge… actually that brings an intresting thought to mind. Instead of hunters runners why not lynx. This whole conversation i was thinking locals and completely forgot the russians only have 2 units it would make a good addition to them.

Also i dont need or really use cover alot of times because the tracking of the AI is semi slow. They got good aim and hit a still target perfectly but if you move just right you can be near untouchable. I have actually found myself kiting toasters to more favorable “open ground” in some cases i have found cover to be to a degree hazardous rather then helpful

A large flying tank is kind of the idea, a armoured gunship like the soviet MI-24 gunship, armoured and with alot of guns

Then it better have a better steak around its neck then the reaper.
As is the only reasion i bother with reapers is the loot they yeild. If i was not after the loot i would just leave them be.

Sheild hardpoints take way too long to blow and cant even damage them while sheilds are up AND in such placement that they are honestly a pain.
That massive AOE that i have still yet to figure out how to prevent that it kills you 1 shot if it hits and just loves to spam.(Actually had a point where i was in cover for 10 back to back)
These 2 kills kill the challenge and the fun of killing a reaper to the point its a chore.

So is it going to be a challenge or a chore?

Just about 4 hits with exp pvg per shield generator. The difficulty is to hit them because the reaper moves a lot and often stands in a way that it just shows two of them.

The last weeks I let the reaper just be because the loot wasn’t satisfactory compared to the needed ammo. Additionally all my safehouses are gone again so I would have to capture a few back to have a place to refill and to respawn and quickly get back into combat. :frowning_face:

But that’s not the topic, I see. Sorry :wink: