(New player) Generation zero feedback

(Before you read anything just remember i haven’t even come close to finishing the game but i can see all these problems early on.)

I think we can all agree that Generation Zero has a lot of potential. Only problem is it has some major flaws. From a lackluster story, riding a bicycle everywhere, then a level cap of all things. I believe Generation Zero needs a lot of new updates in order to become a great game.

First of all the story I’m pretty sure 99% of the player base has no idea what is going on in the game. All they do is grab a piece of paper go to a new location and fight robots. The funny thing is that’s not even that bad me and my friends are having plenty of fun doing that. But at the same time it’s important to have a why to what’s happening besides throwing paragraphs of papers to players. Most players don’t want to take the time to read paper after paper after paper just to understand what is going on. Most would rather watch a cut scene or listen to those answering machines and go about their business. Now i have to admit this isn’t really that important to me but it would still be nice to see a cut scene or two

Second of all Vehicles. Bicycles really? You really couldn’t add a car or two. Imagine how cool it would be to ram a hunter going 80mph. Or do donuts around a Tank while your friend shoots on top with an mg. With a map that big adding only bicycles was a very dumb decision.

Third Difficulty. This may be a nit pick or i may need to git gud but i feel like sometimes the battles are stupidly difficult. I fought my first harvester the other day and man that stuff was hard in a good and bad way. I don’t mind that it can call in reinforcements but i do mind when it can do it again and again. Also some robots have stupidly good aim from afar and can spot you from miles. (however that is probably intentional or realistic.). And pumping the difficulty up one notch makes tick do like 40-50 damage which is insane. But i have to admit the game makes you use your brain you can’t go in guns blazing which is a nice change of pace. I like having to think about my next move although it mostly ends up me just spamming flares at the ground.

Fourth Level cap and respec. This is a no brainer the perks give you very minute buffs to the point where i believe even if you have all of them it would still be fairly challenging. I can sorta see why you would have one but at least give the option to respec. Every game with a skill tree has that option, it’s basically a necessity.

Fifth crafting. This game NEEDS crafting for weapons and other stuff. I don’t mind getting the schematics but you only give the ability to craft med kits, ammo and grenades. Nobody wants to go searching around the map for a specific weapon when instead they can just craft it at a safe house. Please if anything add this.

Lastly inventory management. I’m keeping this one simple because I’m confused. When i put sometime in my storage container i don’t get why sometimes it shifts my entire inventory. Also accidentally pressing a button will remove all my ammo from my inventory and put it in my storage. Also dropping ammo or grabbing a lot of ammo is so monotonous. If I have 2000 bullets and I’m trying to drop 500 the slider should go slow and then gradually speed up. Like every other game.

I apologize if I sound harsh in any of my paragraphs it’s just I’m having so much fun in this game and i would hate to see it die out slowly by a lack of VERY NECESSARY updates. Please Please Please consider any of these options in the coming months developers. I appreciate all of the hard work you’ve done in making this game so far and I’m just saying if you ever plan to make a sequel. I have some ideas.

Thank you

  1. The game is played from a teenager viewpoint that was thrown onto a shore after the ferry that he/she was travelling on was blown to smithereens… and that is the only place that a cut scene would fit. Everything else fits perfectly in late 80’s timeline.

  2. Yes, really. Bicycles are a quiet and highly reliable way to move around. Cars are noisy and blow up easily.
    As for ramming with a car, I think it would end up the same as hitting a moose… with one difference - a Hunter would survive that.

Nothing in this game is forcing you to use bicycles… except for 2 simple and quick side missions.

  1. This was mentioned so many times. Some say it is to difficult, other say it is to easy. Just a pro tip - you don’t have to destroy every machine you encounter, especially in the beginning, when running with 1-2* weapons.
    And don’t do DLC missions before finishing all main quests.

  2. You have 4 characters to experiment with.

  3. No, we don’t need that. If we had that option to simply craft everything in the game then most of the players would loose their interest in the game very very fast. 30-40h of playtime, and done. I personally don’t use crafting at all.

  4. Better inventory management is something that will arrive with one of next year updates.
    You can precisely adjust the ammount of items using mouse scroll wheel.

This is what led GZ from where it was to where it is today… and I kind of liked it better a year or two ago.


I agree that we should maybe not have a cutscene everywhere in the game but I think the devs could go back and change it so the story is easier to follow than “go pick up paper then read” and so on.

Idk what game you are playing but taking a bike anywhere off-road leads to an instant falling off, They are not reliable in any way.

This argument for why respec should not exist is something i disagree with quite alot. Just cus you have 4 characters to put different builds on does not mean you would want to spend such a long time just cus you did a minor mistake with your first one. It’s just not fun for me to do that at all, would rather just have a quick and easy way to respec my build.

I don’t think being able to craft stuff like emp’s, grenades, fireworks and so on is a bad idea at all (though weapons would not really make sense). Some of those things are quite rare to find in some situations but they could also make stuff that is on the rarer side have really expensive recipes (like adrenaline shots) I don’t see how it would make me lose interest at all.


Besides I can drive a bicycle in GZ on a plowed field with no problem.

Thanks for agreeing with me.

I find that stuff literally everywhere in GZ. I don’t know how people have so much trouble finding stuff (other than not looking for it at all).

A lot of this feedback is very popular with the community in general. Despite that I feel like a lot of this (even just the non game changing QoL) will happen.

I disagree. I feel the large map is perfectly fine with little vehicles. The only Issue I see is it taking an extra minute or two to walk back somwhere if you die.

I disagree on the weapon part. I would rather have weapons obtainable through specific missions and or “raids”. This would make the grinding less grindy. It would also add content to the game. If I could just make weapons in my base then what is the point of exploring. One of the most exciting htings for me was getting new and better weapons.

Maybe it does fit in the timeline. That however does not change the fact that the story presentation is really not as well as it could be.

Not really a good argument or response when asking for a level cap rebalance or respec feature. Sure, you have 4 character to experiment with, that only delays the inevitable problem of running out of points. Now if you want to switch builds you have to grind out a character for hours just to replicate a feature that could be made in the same amount of time.

Can you link to where they confrim better inventory managment?

Yeah that is how creative projects usually go, peole have ideas. It is how game feedback works, especially with a game as barebones as GZ when you compare.

Ok I’ve read your responses, but I don’t know how to highlight specific parts so I’m going to address it as a whole.

For the weapons I agree that finding new weapons to use is definitely a fun experience. Looking back, I was just frustrated that I accidentally scrapped one of my better weapons and have yet to get it back. So maybe crafting weapons isn’t needed. But fireworks and emp definitely. Also raids (maybe destiny like) would be interesting. I can see maybe going through a bunker or military base or bunker to fight a final boss like robot for some high grade loot. That would be sweet.

For difficulty I guess 0L0 is right you don’t have to fight every robot you see but the XP and experience is more than worth it for me.

For the vehicles I can see why bicycles are chosen now. Quick, (kind of) reliable, and most importantly quiet. But still the bicycles barely work when it comes up to trekking up even a small hill. Maybe if you could add a motor to maybe switch between slow and quiet to fast and loud maybe we wouldn’t need cars. Also make them less prone to crashing on every little rock and more able to climb without getting stuck halfway.

Level cap and respec.
The level cap is up for a lot of debate, but I think everyone in the community would like a respec option. If you don’t like your character’s build, then you’re going to have to start a whole new character which is very monotonous.

As I said in my last post, I think we can all agree that although this game is a lot of fun especially with friends. But it needs some improvements in some key areas. Hopefully the developers take the community’s suggestions to heart to really improve this game for the better. Thank you guys for being civil and opening my eyes to viewpoints I never thought of before. Hope y’all have a good day.

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Not sure where, “better inventory management. . . will arrive with one of the nest year updates”, was confirmed in that.

Also, here:

That’s right, the weapon wheel is finally making it in! This should allow for more versatile loadouts to bring to any fire fight, mixing and matching your best fit weapons and items to get the upper hand. Without the restriction of only 3 weapons! We’re quite curious to see what you all experiment with, especially considering the latest craftable consumables and new ammo types.

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A weapon wheel is not the same as better inventory management.

Especially when filters and sorting are involved.

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