New skill and equipment that should be added

I think there should be a new piece of equipment added which would be a flying drone. You could use it to scout out an area you plan to loot or to get close up to a robot to search for weak points. There would also be some skills to increase range and effectivness. It would be a slightly better substitute for the binoculars but it would still need the vision module and also to scavenge batteries for it. Each battery would last it a couple of days depending on how long and much you use it. After each use it would need to be picked back up and you would need to reload batteries like a gun reloads ammo. It would be great for exploring outside as well as scouting inside of bunkers. I also believe the max level should be raised for those who like playing by themselves so then they can get all perks for themselves, I like that you encourage people to play with friends so then each person can specialize in a certain category, but none of my friends have the game so Iā€™m a solo player in the game and I would like to get all the perks myself. I have loved the game since it first came out and still love it. Hope the game remains popular for a long while.


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