(Suggestion) New Bot type : aerial drone

a drone about the same size as a runner / dog , maybe a little smaller
has 6 fans bi-directonal so it can hover and move fast like a jump jet , and weapon of choice depeneding on level.
basically this enemy could be fast called in by the seekers , could hover at windows at houses to shoot into, and be a harder enemy to hit in the battlefield when enemy enforcements are called in ( punishing player for doing a general run through empty space )


From a downed seeker and parts from a field radio, you could build your own tactical drone. Equip it with a scope and IR vision and you could explore your surroundings from a safe distance. Attaching an AI module would allow it to detect and track enemies and highlight them for a sniper kill or an upfront assault. It could be extended with a jammer to mess with enemy communications and targeting systems. A comms array would turn it into an effective decoy. You could also use it to take beautiful photos.

But beware, advanced enemies like a FNIX seeker might detect an active transmission, home in on your location and send reinforcements.


That does sound cool. Having a tactical overview of an area before you attack, marking targets for your friends etc could be really effective.

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I absolutely love this idea, and would convince so many more people to buy this game if features like this start coming to the game.

I think there should be a new piece of equipment added which would be a flying drone. You could use it to scout out an area you plan to loot or to get close up to a robot to search for weak points. There would also be some skills to increase range and effectivness. It would be a slightly better substitute for the binoculars but it would still need the vision module and also to scavenge batteries for it. Each battery would last it a couple of days depending on how long and much you use it. After each use it would need to be picked back up and you would need to reload batteries like a gun reloads ammo. It would be great for exploring outside as well as scouting inside of bunkers. I also believe the max level should be raised for those who like playing by themselves so then they can get all perks for themselves, I like that you encourage people to play with friends so then each person can specialize in a certain category, but none of my friends have the game so I’m a solo player in the game and I would like to get all the perks myself. I have loved the game since it first came out and still love it. Hope the game remains popular for a long while.


I also think that the max Level should be raised, if not to the max, at least more 20 points.
Now…flying drones? This is not Ghost Recon Future Soldier/Wildlands/Breakpoint.
Do you also suggest to deploy Permanent hacked Allied Tanks or Hunters to aid you in combat or maybe Artillery strikes from NATO or URSS forces ?
The next thing we see, you are not shooting at all, Mechs, air strikes and allied drones do everything for you, i hope you don´t get offended, but it makes no sense for the atmosphere of the game what you propose, the binoculars already serve as a scout equipment and most enemies make sound so it´s easy to detect them.
I still hope you enjoy the game, soon a patch will improve the game latest bugs (if you dont know about them you will soon).


I totally support this since it takes at least 20-30 hours to reach max level and the 4 character slots the player has have no separate worlds (and therefore cannot gain XP from missions/exploring etc. already done by one character).


Flying personal surveillance drones ? In the eighties ?? :flushed:

I guess that would have been wizardry… :wink:

But I’m all in for a raise of the level, or at least the choice to reset the points.
And maybe some kind of meter / graph would be nice to see the effects of certain points, e.g. gas-resistance, sprinting, etc. erverything with “plus xx%” values


@Kimosabe_X I agree that drones weren’t in the 80’s but neither were man-killing robots but I guess I kinda mean I would like some kind of way searching and scouting areas out without binoculars they just don’t give you the right kind of freedom for scouting out an area. Just the first thing to come to mind when scouting.

An alternative to drones could be that when hacking a seeker, you could control it and use it for surveillance for a limited time, giving the ability to mark targets when using it. That would involve reworking the Hacker skill, but that’s needed anyway for that skill.

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I really like that idea and I think the small fuel cells you get from drones will be the batteries and you’d need two sets of binoculars since one for you to see what the drone see’s. I think there should be levels for this drone leading from military to FNix or Prototype to FNix

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I’d like to propose a different version of utilizing a hacked seeker, where you either restore a downed seeker or hack one which is already active.

The alternative I’d like to present is one where there is no remote video viewing, or anything like that, but instead the seeker would fly off, seeking enemies and mark them with their scanning laser instead. Hovering above a single enemy, or a group, highlighting them with the red scanner.

Maybe it would even be possible for the player to modify the seeker with explosives, and when the seeker has reached the enemies, the remote hacking ability could be used to force the seeker to crash into the group of enemies, releasing the effect of whatever explosive/emp/gas item which was modified onto the seeker.


Yeah, a reasonable use for the hacking skill, seeker drones. Looks like a good and viable option to me.

And as @MVTracks said, maybe a good use for small fuel cells. Of course these hacked drones should last a bit longer than the usual hacking skill options. In addition to the use with explosives they might be of good use to set up proper booby traps for machines: place some gas canisters or whatever and let the drone remote controlled start her alarm siren to attract nearby machines and lure them right into the trap to get blown up. :grin:

So no need for new stuff but just a new combination and use of already available things

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I love the games like assassin creed where you get to use something to get a birds eye view of the terrain to scout areas and mark enemies. I think using the hacker skill to hack seekers would be a better idea then drones but maybe add an extra skill to make the seeker yours permanently until it’s destroyed and just replace the fuel cell every time it runs out. I hope this is a future addition. And maybe also being able to make your own custom robots and control them by giving simple orders like search for loot/ weapons or mark nearby enemies, and maybe distract enemies by using the speakers on them.


Drones are a possibility in generation zero. We have the tech for it and i would love the possibility of building a drone to fly and scout ahead or to clear a path for my friend. We could also build ground drones too. It could have It’s own new skill tree and just be a great addition to the game. Any thoughts?:slightly_smiling_face:

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Merged several topics where some form of flying drone is asked for, into one, neat topic.


You have no idea how many times I have wished for a small drone like in Ghost Recon Wildlands/Breakpoint. Scouting would change dramatically and would be awesome if you could change the drone’s load out for certain operation; revive/medic, ammo carrier, IED, etc.
Even though proper scouting drones (with few meter wing span and driven by a combustion engine) came in the 90’s, the experimental technology theme on this game could provide with a electric motor drone that is size of a DJI Storm.
I would dare to guess that the engine would support drone feature, because it would “only” need a X-Y-Z maneuverability and collision check for objects (that feels to be quite well mapped at this point)

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yeah I think a scouting drone would be awesome if anyone has played forza horizon 4 they have a drone so gz could have something like that :smile: