Idea for another robot

im sure this is a terrible idea and probably wont be used or seen but the only flying enemy is the seeker, and that doesnt attack at all. i was thinking what if there was a giant hovering machine of death with flamethrowers machine guns, snipers and maybe gas? i think that would be cool. im working on a model and i have a page of different angles that are sort of hard to look at and or understand.


i think it whould be to expensive for fnix to refuel and rearm a giant flying fortress when they already have tank who whould be better

As far as the idea as a whole, flying machine that damages player, it has been suggested before, and loads of it. E.g:

Even i have put out one idea for possible future Apocalypse Seeker:

Though, the current Seekers in the game - i don’t view them as enemy to myself. Instead, i find them more like an allies to me. :yum: Since when i aggro them, they blow their horn and make everyone in hearing distance come to it. Saving me a lot of legwork to find machines.
Also, when aggroing the Seeker in a tactical way, you can dispatch all machines within an area with relative ease.

By hovering, you mean it hovers roughly 2-3m above ground? If so, it would be blocked by all buildings and trees on the map, severely limiting it’s movement.

Since it would be above player, where it’s weapons would be located? Because it then needs to somehow shoot below itself.

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ok sorry im an idiot who has no idea whats going on at all times so the weapons would be located under the body of the vehicle and it would essentially fly but not nessacarily like a helicopter its like a drone but the size of a semi truck and i was thinking it could fly at high speeds and stay above the treeline, and possibly land or stay lo in certain areas. it wouldnt be very stealthy but it would be like the helicopter from half life 2. it stays high enough to aviod objects but low enough to attack the player and also allows the player to fight back. i dont think it would be an alert thing but more of a you better run or something will happen thing that would be quite rewarding in the end. i will do a quick sketch of what i am thinking of

half of it isnt quite accutate like the sniper rifle is almost bigger than the person for scale but you should have a good idea of my idea with this just the weapons on the bottom a couple of fans on each side and is pretty massive


This reminds me one concept @Cl4p1te did, this one:

Image source + one more image: A idea for a new machine: Skrotare - #7 by Cl4p1te

Maybe @Cl4p1te can render your idea based on your sketch as well. :slight_smile:

When it is above treeline and flying at high speeds, does it also rain terror down on the player? If so, how could player protect itself against it? It flying at high speeds makes it very difficult to hit and it doesn’t help that it’s above trees.

Or do you need to get out, in the open, to lure it at the “landing spot” before it engages you and you can engage it? :thinking:

Oh, one more thing. There are bodies of water on the map (lakes rivers etc) and is it allowed to fly above them/ cross rivers? And can it hover above water as well?

The rewarding part is individual to each person. E.g some find it rewarding when they find tons of loot and/or rare weapons/schematics from the machine loot pool. Me, i find it rewarding when i can destroy machine’s individual components until machine blows up.
So, what that rewarding part would be?

I get what your idea is. :slight_smile:
Though, based on the sketch, why it has the upside down triangle at it’s front part? To me, this makes it look way too futuristic, like from the year of 2100, rather than from 1989, when GZ takes place.

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so when its flying high up i would probably say that is scanning the area for stuff. it would probably be in areas with some spots to hide like maybe a neighborhood. glass can break so it could theoretically get to you no matter where you hide if there is a window that can be broken though. when it is attacking i think it would come down close to the players level and then attack. i think the reward would be some decent loot, i had a sketch that didnt look as futuristic but i am currently moving, i threw it away probably, i created the picture you see late last night was kinda tired but yes it does look kinda futuristic. I think it (slightly) fits you know in the 90s everything was a sort of neon triangle thing and nothing was too streamline. its basically just a block of metal that would look weird if it were a square or something im sorry im doing a very bad job at conveying these ideas, ALSO the triangle on the front is very wide i didnt mean to do that, it would look alot more like an industrial hunk of metal with metal pipes and mechanical stuff all over it

I found the old model i was making of it in blender im going to work on that now and try to show you that because it was based off the origional image

sorry i missed a couple of your questions so yes it could hover over water, the way i have it set now is that it cannot land because it has the fans on the bottom (which would be extremely difficult to achieve since the weight is on top) it doesnt attack as hard in the air i think it could just maybe be some chain of bullets that could be dodged. so high up its chaos but low accuracy and close up its shear chaos and you either attack at a distance or it attacks hard up close

You’re doing fine conveying your idea to others. :slight_smile: I’m just asking things in accordance of the game and how it would behave. Speaking of it:

There was a reason why i asked it and since it can hover over water, it can produce an issue. Namely when it is shot from the sky, it would be dropping straight down and into the water. If that happens, there’s no looting of it’s body, since player chars can only go to shallow water (which compared to the overall amount of water on the map, is small).

For the same reason, the current machines can’t traverse water. While some have ended up in the water, looting them is often impossible.

One option would be restricting it’s movement, so it never is above water. But that limits where it can go, and doesn’t make much sense as of why it can’t hover over water. E.g then it can’t cross the river splitting the Farmlands.

Given it’s size (semi-truck size), i don’t quite see it being in high populated areas (towns). Even current Tanks doesn’t walk between houses. Bigger machines are better suited for rural area, with plenty of freedom for them to move around.

Not all glass breaks but that’s another issue. In rural areas, there are some remote buildings/houses where player can take cover. And when taking into consideration the current machine weapons in-game, including apo flamethrower and hunter gas mortars, there are still places for player to hide from that machine.

One of it’s weapons: gas - how it’s delivery method be like? Dissipation way (e.g like current harv/tank gas cloud)? Or projectile delivery (e.g like current military hunter gas mortar)?

Also, would there be different classes of it (proto, mil, FNIX, apo), or would it be unique machine (e.g like Reaper is)?

you are helping alot thanks
no flying over water then
i once had an experience where there were tanks in a neighborhood but i see where you are coming from. ill just say it could be lured there and it will spawn close th the north and up. i kinda dont really know where it could fly because it seems unfair to have it just in some place that it can attack without shelter:

so essentailly i was thinking in a dense area where cover could be taken but it would be very difficult to fight either way, possibly with not the best accuracy so if you are in a field you can run and not get melted instantaneously.

the gas would basically be from the flamethrower but without any flame, so basically a carbeurator that shoots gas and can light said gas on fire if needed. i was thinking what if it could drop bombs but that seems unrealistic to have a flying triangle the size of a truck dropping hand grenades like a pigeon taking a dump on someones car but its still an idea nonetheless.

There would be classes definitely. everything seems to have a class and it would be strange to have an entity that would simply be just fnix or prototype. i was trying to make my model look like a prototype class in blender but the orange metal texture i put on the triangle made it look like a flying dorito so i went with apocalypse (then i noticed it looks like a five year old scribbled on a piece of paper with a green crayon so im currently rendering it with no textures just grayscale in cycles with the sky node)

ALSO i was thinking in order for it to land i moved the fans on top so the guns and landing gear could sit on the bottom

also unlike the second drawing i did the origional idea was kinda stumpy so its a sort of weird personal sized boeing ch47 using oversized desk fans to lift an impossible amount of weight

i think there could be a unique class to this thing in particular but id want it to also have all of the other classes with it. i dont want it to be
“congradulations, you reached level 25, now here comes the sun” then a GIANT FREAKING DORITO DESCENDS FROM THE SKIES AND BEGINS THE REIGN OF TERROR
maybe if there is a final form similar to the reaper (because the reaper is still technically a tank i think) it could possibly be some sort of anarchy class that maybe takes over an area like a fnix base and just have alot going on maybe. It wont attack unless the hoard of enemies conquering the land are mostly gone. i wouldnt say it can spawn in hunters, runners or ticks because it already has four weapons, machine gun gas flamethrower and sniper and definitely an air blast similar to what the tanks do im making stuff up as i go forgive me if there are any loopholes you find

it will be done around 8:30 EST (12:30 UTC) around then

also what should it sound like? i love doing sound design and i was thinking some low frequency blasts and screeches would be cool


You’re welcome. :blush:

Northern part of the map = Marshlands and North Coast. Marshlands is about 80% forested while North Coast is about 50% forested. And since it would be flying above trees in high speeds, it would be difficult for players to hit it. And for it to fire back at players as well.
Only sufficient open area where it can “come down” is Eastern part of the North Coast. But that part of the map offers almost no cover what-so-ever for the player.

I just figured out another flaw it may have. If given it isn’t completely immune to the damage when it flies over the trees and players, when hitting it, can kill it, then, it would be falling down on the trees and due to it’s sheer size, also get stuck in the trees, high above ground. Making looting it impossible.

The biggest issue of any flying/hovering machine is their size, which limits where they can go.
The current, and only hovering machine is Seeker. Hovering about 2-3m above ground and due to it’s small size, can easily go into forest and fit between the trees. Also, it has no issues navigating urban areas.
But bigger machines, either are completely denied to enter forest/urban areas when they are hovering (since they don’t fit) or getting stuck in forest/urban areas when they are flying and are shot down mid flight. Making them impossible to loot.

Example of the latter:
(it took me some finesse to get on that roof to loot that hunter)

If the gas is lit on fire (e.g 6* AG4 incendiary rounds), does that fire also damage the flying/hovering machine? Or does it turn the gas thrower into flame thrower?


So far, classes define the weaponry and armor machines have. Oh, sensory equipment as well (aka how easily they spot you).

Yes, Reaper is a tank. In it’s core, Reaper is actually military tank. (Further info in it’s digital blueprint. :wink: )

This feature would make it as one of the main bosses (e.g Reaper), rather than common enemy you can randomly come across.

It’s named: Concussion Pulse.
Though, apo tank has different form of it: Wall of Flames.
And Reaper has another form of it, named: Thermobaric Explosion.

Checked your render and it essentially looks like tank’s head, with weapon mount underneath and two fans ontop of it.

I can tell how it can change it’s altitude and maybe even changing it’s roll. But how it’s going to change it’s yaw and pitch? :thinking:

ok, so wherever you think would be best in the map for it to be, im not sure where to put it, id maybe say the farmlands, around there.

so maybe avoid the class system and it could be an alternate reaper? maybe one or the other could spawn depending on the region that it spawns

There is a helicopter motor on top of the axle, which would go down to an electronic differential that would slow down one axle allowing roll, they can turn fowards, backwards, sideways, slow down or speed up. its essentially a helicopter but without the rudder.

From the differential, an axle will go down to each fan and inside the ball socket it has a U joint. When the fan moves the u joint can also rotate freely and continue to spin at any given angle, whatever the fan is doing

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Farmlands is early-game region, just after Archipelago in terms of difficulty. So, if it is going to spawn in there, it should have some serious spawning requirements (e.g Reaper won’t spawn until region level is 21 or more).

And given it’s boxy, non-aerodynamic shape, it’s hard for me to see how it could travel in fast speeds. It could slowly hover above ground, sure. But not as high to hover above buildings. Since like i described above, if it would be shot down when it’s directly above the building, it can get stuck on the roof.

Some great ideas in here. I’m moving this to #feedback-feature-requests…
Not sure why I didn’t do this earlier :thinking:


It can only spawn in a region level 21 or over, no other classes, it will essentailly be the reaper but without legs. If the region is relatively flat and open it will spawn in those regions, and if not, you get the regular reaper. If the devs could implement a deadzone thing where a barrier is above all buildings and trees, so it will not fly oveer them or through them. there could be a danger zone where it knows what its about to fly into so it could prematurely alter its course. if inertia drags it towards the top of something as it dies, maybe it could spin out of control, and then land.

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Iam down but iam working on a large project scene rn

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What modling software did u use