New enemy?- Apocalypse Seeker?


I know it’s not the most imaginative idea, but does anyone else think that an apocalypse seeker, which creates a gas cloud when it enters combat, is a good idea? I thought it would be cool to see seekers fight back, even if the method isn’t thst effective.


It sounds epic like it could be toxic like if u go near it it poisons u or has a gun or something (they made the havaster…)


Yeah that’s what I was thinking. Maybe it could release a gas cloud about the size of an apocalypse harvesters explosion


I want an Apocalypse seeker, but gas attacks are getting cliché, an Apocalypse Seeker should have a machine gun or shotgun.


Or the seeker has a defensive mechanism like it calls bigger enemies or like it flys faster (idk tho)


I’ve touched on this a few times - I think an air-borne enemy would be a welcome addition.


I see what you mean on the gas cloud cliche side of things but I think that guns would suit a new deadlier class. Maybe like the huge black tank you can see on Himfjall, it could have the same design.


But the existence of an APOC Seeker with guns does not interfere with the Reaper(the bigger Grey Tank) having standard or new experimental integrated weapons on it.


Apocalypse seekers should obscure normal vision and emit a chaff field which disrupts experimental weaponry.


Seeker is tiny and it doesn’t make sense for it to be able to gas a large area in the size of apo hav.

Due to the seeker’s size, the recoil of those weapons, especially shotty’s, will blow it out of the sky.

My proposal: radiation damage around the apo seeker.

If Apo Seekers are to come and based by the theme of apocalypse class machines, seekrs could give out radiation where, when you get close to them (e.g 20m radius around them), you will take radiation damage. Similar to the some spots on Himfjäll, where the green ooze is leaked and you’ll take damage when in proximity. Same goes to the apo harv rockets as well, which leave radiation behind after exploding.
Moreover, even when you kill the apo seeker, it’s radiation is still present; giving you choice: not to loot it or run into radiation, taking some damage, to loot it.


Apoc seeker that has the noise of a large comms array, and must have the purple gas

AND…has a rocket it shoots in the sky if you are spotted


ok , not a machine gun, i mean a mounted small rifle or sub machine gun, it´s a machine it can have systems and hydraulics that can handle the recoil.
I mean no harm but just adding radiation it´s too much simple and we could even say lazy or boring.


In that sense, are you implying that apo ticks are boring because they have poisonous stings, rather than mounted handgun to shoot at you? :thinking: (I just don’t get why every machine needs to have projectile weapon to make them “cool”.)


Actually Apoc ticks are annoying and a slow menace.
The seeker is small and agile, makes perfect sense to add a weapon to the machine to improve it´s purpose which is to find, alert and kill humans.
Just adding radiation is like having 2 versions of a car model, and one just has 30 more HP (Horsepower) than the other (instead of having different features and chassis differences).


In my opinion both combined could make quite a nuisance. A seeker is purely a reconnaissance unit meant to call capable machines to it’s side. Making it something like a gun wearing drone seems like creating a chimera like the actual implementation of the harvester which also can call machines (only hunters in this case) to him. I don’t care about the lousy implementation of the hunter drops anymore but I find it pretty strange that unit types get mixed. (I’d rather have hunters accompanying harvesters then this stupid air drops from mid-air).

I would rather have a real drone-like enemy with missiles then just a seeker with a gun.


It’s a cool idea. The only problem with the Seeker is that it’s usually one of those enemies you spot from a distance and destroy before they can do anything. Seekers have very little health and can’t do much else but honk that horn once they spot you.

They rely heavily on their detection scanners, which have a much larger range than the other Machines are capable of. It also needs to be fairly light, so it can hover without being weighed down by armor.

A gas, or maybe a smoke screen could be cool. Like if they spot you, then immediately deploy smoke so it gets harder to spot it. Or something similar. Make that the noxious, purple gas like Apoc Harvies use and they become a force to be reckoned with.

Edit: Or hell, make them able to deploy Runners.


Xerz that’s a good idea, though maybe this class of seeker could have slightly more health than the others as it carrys stronger and deadlier equipment.



Seekers are too small, but a new enemy a little bigger than a Seeker that transports and deploys runners is an excellent idea !


What’s about with a seeker that can fligh higher than the normal seeker. It flys in a certain altitude so that you can’t see it because it is only a little point in the sky. When it spots you than it falls down on you in the sense of the enemy comes every time out of the sun. Then it flys an attack on you and shoots with pressure air a little poison arrow with strong poison what takes 50% of your life. Two hits and you’re death.


That has a weird concept and is too much lethal no?