New Vanity Ideas


Hello again

today im here to talk about new vanities that maybe cool enough to enter generation zero.

Reaper clothes(like the fnix robot clothes but collect from the reaper or defeating the reaper an amount of times)
Some shorter hair options (For the men)
Maybe a Christmas event for Christmas loot (Christmas sweaters, elf gear, santa gear) all sorts of stuff Christmasy

Maybe a idea would be A full suit idea meaning that it is a preset or saved outfits to get your favourite type of clothes on easier.

Apparel ideas for your Character

Sign me up for Reaper pyjamas


hell yeah brother reaper pyjamas


Haha lol right let’s just camp it out in this cave and put my reaper PJ’s on!


Bear cave sleep over - ill bring the semla


Yeah boi I’ll make sure to bring a boombox


I second the pajamas - nothing beats slightly-off-kilter clothing in a post-apocalyptic survival game :kissing_heart:


yeah, pyjamas sound definitely funny
even more I strongly second the idea of a ‘full suit’ saving option - it is so much a hassle to redress atm.


I was thinking :thinking: PJ,s wtf but I see some of you like the idea, its not to early to start drinking too I guess lol


The only trouble would be that maybe the jackets would get in the way


@XtremeMeasures The ‘full suit’ is a great idea too. I love this feature in Saints Row 3/4 - set a complete outfit, save it, change between self-made sets any time you want.


I had a couple ideas that I wrote about in a different topic. :slight_smile:

1 - “Guerilla Vanity Pack”: Everyday and/or outdoor clothing, modified for combat and roughed up by use in battle. Something like the Resistance set, but with different jackets, pants, headwear, boots and gloves.

2 - “Mayhem Vanity Pack”: Scandinavia + 1980’s = Metal and rock music! Why on Earth don’t we have death metal face paint yet? This would make so much sense to have in the game! What actual clothes to use I’d leave to those who are into that style to figure out. I just think it would be such an obvious clothing style to have in a game with this particular setting.


Love the ideas people keep it up :smile:


Just think of what apparel you wish should be in the game.

Mine would be the Soviet uniform with a ushanka, Reaper armor, fighter pilot suit and helmet, last a full ghilie suit


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