New weapon idea: Double wide thumper

Big thumper is basically a thumper but with to barals


That’s looking pretty big. What exactly would it do? Is it some kind of grenade launcher?

Yes yes it is a gernade launcher

Yeah, I guess that was kind of a dumb question.

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:joy: its ok I didn’t really describe what it was

It’s all good.

What kinds of ammo are you thinking for it?

33.5 mm rifle

Great idea. It would probably need to have a decently fast reload speed or it’ll dwarf compared to the rocket launcher.

Any type of amo , smoke, fire, etc

Yes the time to put in the shells would tae like 2 sec but the flipping the baral back up is the same because of the mechanism

Would this go in the pistol slot? I hope so. Maybe there could be an experimental version of the single barrel version that has a 3 round burst fire. Or even a 4 round burst fire of this double barrel.

Maybe they could add a “speed loader” of sorts, that you could craft (given you have the right schematic), that allows you to put in two at once. That would definitely help with reload time.

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Devs: We’re proud to present a neat, new thing for you that we’ve been working on for a long time. “Björnbromsen” A brand new, powerful hunting rifle chambered in caliber .375! It’s got these beautiful engravings and…

Community: Nah! …we want it to have 4 barrels! …and can we have an underbarrel grenade launcher for it? …vertical grip? …laser pointer? …can we craft corrosive rounds for it? …we should be able to hack a Runner and mount the rifle on it’s back!

Devs: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Bro four barrels?! That’s OP.

I love it.

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u mean something like this

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Its unfortunate that the community gets like that sometimes, the devs have enough trouble as is without all the unnecessary demands


Ur right were like a needy spoiled chiled

This is true. Sometimes it’s nice to just enjoy what you’ve been given.

But wishing upon is still wishing upon. Doesn’t mean “me needy zat nao”.

I never said 4 barrels. Reread the comment. I said “a 4 round burst fire of this double barrel.” Key words being “double barrel.” It would obviously be an experimental, like I said. And I think the only thing wrong with the community is shitting on new ideas. This game is way too stuck in the past and is exactly why it seriously struggles in reviews and sales.

I love this game. But it does need work. And it seems like some of that work should be on people that are overly determined to not help the game grow. This was just an idea; relax.

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