New weapon, new attachment and ammo change

FFV 890C could be next swedish army standard rifle.Completed all tests but in last moment replaced with FN FNC (AK 5).Only 1000 rifles made by Sweden weapon industry from 1975 till 1980. Trialled by Swedish Armed Forces, some used by the Swedish police. Will be very nice to see it like unique or fully integrated in game weapons list


I don’t really see the point in adding a bunch of weapons just for the heck of it.
We already have two weapons in 5,56 mm, and three in 7,62 mm. They vary in accuracy vs. fire rate, and have a lot of different attachments to customize them with. It’s hard to add any more weapons that would actually perform any different than the ones we already have, and therefore it would only be a cosmetic change.

It should at least not be a priority for the dev’s, as there are still a lot of repairs to be done. :wink:


I understand your position;))But in game we still without effective AT weaponry.This gun could be good alternative between light weapons and heavy M-48,because it’s have possibility to use rifle grenades(bigger range then hand grenades and faster reload then Carl Gustav).Will be nice to see in game some kind of thermo-baric shells (I’ve seen this explosions in real life once),cumulative shells,for instant destruction your most dangerous opponents😏Cuz for the moment I using 6-8 HE shells for killing one FNIX tank!)))Lil bit to much for target,huge like a house😂

You’re using 6-8 AoE shells for an armoured bullet sponge.

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It’s true😂walking armoured farm tractor without weak points)))

It has weak points. You’re using the wrong guns :stuck_out_tongue:

Indeed,wrong ammunition :joy::joy::joy:too weak for this task;))Critical shot to engine and cut em legs required!

Try the PVG or a good rifle.

I using PVG,5 stars AG 4 and M-48;))Mbe problem cuz I playing solo😂

I think that something the game lacks right now is weapons that use the weaker ammo types.
Once you get the älgstudsare and revolver, there’s no point in collecting 32.acp or the meusser ammo type.
A semi or full auto rifle to take on the meusser and an SMG that fires 32.acp would be a good fit.
In terms of the 32.acp ammo, I have no clue of what weapon that could be, but a semi-auto Meusser could be the AG42. There could even be a select-fire rifle, as Sweden did have experimental AR’s in the 50’s that were chambered for the standard ammo of the day.

Most weapons that use .32 ACP are handguns. However, there is one SMG like weapon in real life that uses .32 ACP as well, a Škorpion vz. 61 with up to 30x round mag and produced between 1961 and 1979.

I’d vote for a high-frequency Gatling gun that consumes .32.


What, and you wheel it about on a trolley? :joy:


What’s wrong with that? Once you liberate the trolley from the supermarket magnet controller, it’ll be fine!


What do you mean?! :slight_smile:


That’s called a “pepperpot”! Not the same thing!


Now you’re cooking on gas!


I like this one:


And a trolley for the ammunition, since at 6,000 rounds per minute, you’ll be through my Inventory, and my Plundra, in 20 seconds flat!


So? That’s my personal choice! :crazy_face:

The gun nut in me awakens.

6000 rounds per minute, and you can only carry a 1000 round case. It will also require a power source, how much does that weigh? And how do you aim? With that short of a barrel, forget about accuracy over longer ranges. The recoil must be severe. And 100 pounds to lug this around?

There’s no tactical approach to this whatsoever. No serious police of military force would want to use it. Any modern weapon platform does the job better.