New weapon, new attachment and ammo change

•skorpion vz 82 :
It’ll help the need for .32 acp ammo and a fitting side arm that would be upper tier with the .44mag since it has auto capabilities and technically it’s a machine pistol

•laser attachment for better hip fire

•the dedicated 9mm for pistol, it’s odd to me. Can it’s name tag be changed to .380 since .380 is a 9mm 9x17 to be accurate. I know the colors dictated difference but when I run out of 9mm for my sub it bothers me I can’t use my pistols 9mm


The devs are pretty married to only having weapons that could be realistically found in 80’s Sweden, but if the Skorpion was a unique (Tier 5) one off, not available in random crates, that would be awesome.

Brilliant thought about the laser attachment. I don’t think anybody else on the forum has proposed it yet. Which is weird considering the number of gun fans.

There’s an interesting (and completely off-topic) discussion about the 9mm rounds over in Moonmist’s thread, here.

It seems that the separation of 9mm Pistol and 9mm SMG may have simply been because the devs aren’t ‘weapon people,’ and so didn’t know a 9x19 Parabellum round fits the Glock, m/45, and HK MP5 irl.

Cool post, mate!


If there’s a laser, I hope it’ll use 80’s style mount, seen in Terminator:


Haha funny cause that’s exactly what my mind was seeing. T1 when he took the 1911 with the top laser.

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I can believe that. Seems like many game companies lack or steer away from realism or gun knowledge. With a few like CoD I think it’s fear of a unbalance situation but I think your right with GZ since it seems odd


You need to consider what weapons fits the storyline. All weapons I have seen is weapons that existed in Sweden at the time in large quanities. The name have been changed a bit in certain cases.

I would like to see locked wall racks with hunting rifles.
Only weapon I see fitting to add is a heavy machine gun.


The Ksp 58 would be a fitting weapon to include if you want something heavier. I still think the .243 and .270 caliber hunting rifles should be replaced with the more widespread 6,5x55 Swedish Mauser and maybe .308 win, 8x57 JS or 30-06 which are all very common hunting calibers in Sweden.

As for the 9mm being in two different versions, that’s because Swedish SMG ammo has a steel jacket and is also higher pressure than regular handgun ammunition. It works great in a submachine gun but is not recommended for use in a handgun.

I don’t know how well handgun ammunition would work in a K-pist. Perhaps there would be some feed issues due to the lower pressure?

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Poor @WarpigX9, we’ve completely taken over his thread. Sorry, mate!

I’m not familiar with the civilian rifles of 80’s Sweden. Do you know what the Meusser and Algstudsare are supposed to be irl?

Regarding the ammo, that was what we discussed in Moonmist’s thread. Link above.

But yes, the m/45 ‘Carl Gustav’ had a more durable barrel to resist the wear and tear of the m/39b (the Swedish variant of the 9mm Parabellum), but it can take the regular m/39 round without problem.

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A heavy MG might be going a bit too far :laughing:
Maybe an LMG.

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Regerading ammo, that’s not quite true.
It is a fact that the m/39B ammunition quickly made the m/40 pistol crack, but the m/88 uses that very same ammo. Considering the m/40 isn’t represented in the game in any way, shape or form, there is no reason for the ammo types to be seperate.

I rather believe that the devs thought that if you have two guns that use the same ammo type, there would be no reason to carry both. I mean, if you have a kpist, why on earth would you carry a less accurate, lower damage, lower magazine capacity pistol? As the game is right now, there’s no reason. That may however change if they’d do this:

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lol it’s fine. Ideas are good to share and molded into greater ideas

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I would like to see like the firearms that we have in our timeline (M4A1 or M16………… and all that) but it woudn’t fit the specific timeline Generation zero has.

so I’m kinda sad but maybe the game will move with time and more guns will be released

(Sorry if my english is bad)

M16s were imported to Sweden for Familiarization training. So finding one would not be implausible.

Also I really like the idea of the skorpion, especially as a robot weapon that you repurpose. Afterall the runners are firing .32 ACP at you full auto from something that doesnt seem to be a PP.

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Sweden imported a lot of different weapons from Nato/warzsaw to let troops get familiar with them. But in very small numbers. So in reality it would be extremly rare to find one. I’d prefer them addding weapons that sweden used that is not in the game as of now.

The Skorpion wasn’t used by Sweden. But I’m with you on that one. Runners are probably equiped with them and we should be able to scavenge one.


Well, there are lots of others.
The armys m/07 and m/40 aren’t in the game. Neither is the AG42 semi-auto rifle. No disposable AT-weapons.

Also, I think the game should feature Alarm Mines.

Will be very nice to see remote control mines and explosives (C4,homemade stuff) or more light weapons FFV890C for example…!Extra attachments (grenade launchers),rifle grenades…

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I have a thread for random gun suggestions here:

As much as I’d like to see more guns just because they were cool, the big question is motivating why a particular gun should be added.

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Also,will be really nice find in the game military or police checkpoints/barricades with heavy weaponry (M2 Browning,grenade throwers,no recoil guns) and use against huge robots squads,organize ambushes…something like this