New weapon, new attachment and ammo change

Xezr, I think that’s the difference between Rambo and Guerilla Survival.


It has been done sir.
The Predator.
So it must be real. :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:


If you need serious fire power take this;))It’s was in use by Swedish armed forces till late 80…

But,if we are rebels,I think different types of explosive will be good choice for our arsenal


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Real rebels would use suströming!


Or mbe powerful but extremely hard to find AT weapons should nice alternative;))One shot and cut ‘em limbs offimage

And kill machines with farting?:joy::joy::joy:

Turnabout is fair play :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, but Surströmming (admittedly being an extremely powerful biological weapon) are banned from modern warfare.


You think machines would care, sir?
Could be, but I sincerely doubt it…

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Very interesting guns concepts for GZ.Sniper rifle probably for 7,62 mm.

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What about a rare 3rd variant ammo type… explosive tip rounds…:exploding_head:


Something like RAUFOSS 50cal. rounds?:smirk:

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@WarpigX9, I think the only, “easy,” HE rounds would be for the .44, and maybe the .50, given the timeframe. I think, even FRAG12s are more recent than 1989. (Though the shotgun already has a third ammo type.)

It’d be interesting to see more ammo variants popping up, especially if they were, “experimental,” ammo types. DU rounds might be another option, though I’d worry a little bit about, “it’s like AP but better,” as a template for new ammo.

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Yeah different rounds would be cool. Hydroshocks, split tips, +p, subsonic… might not do much difference but still would be a trip to see.

Or even adding devices and making your self a custom experimental weapon. Maybe find experimentals and break them down into modules that can be added to other weapons

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Yeah, unfortunately, a couple of those would be borderline unusable. The robots aren’t vulnerable to hydrostatic shock, so hydroshock would just be a rarer hollowpoint. Subsonic would just be reduced ballistics against enemies that can already be pretty spongy if you don’t hit them “just so.”

The unfortunate thing is, the lack of wet targets mean a lot of ammo variants have to sit this out. If there was a second enemy type, (soldiers, hostile scavengers, or weirder stuff), that would open up a lot of rounds that we don’t really have a use for right now. Stuff like’s Dragon’s Breath, Hydroshock, Subsonic, ect. Even stuff like gas grenades would be useful.

Though, thinking about it, a WP round for the .50, possibly also an RPG shell, would be period appropriate and useful.

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Gentlemen, please, more damage towards machines is extremely bad…

Balance already is out the door… :frowning:

Agreed more damage to the robots isn’t needed careful placed shots can take the toasters down quickly


Xog, the apo machines are bullet sponges. We’re already in the arms race.


When 1st meeting and engaging a proto/military/FNIX tank, wasn’t it “bullet sponge” as well? Not because it’s HP but because lacking the know-how of taking one down the most efficient way.

Though, rather than increasing component HP, as devs have done it so far, i think components should all have same HP but it’s fixed how many components you need to destroy before machine blows up.

For example:
Currently, apo hunter has 90% of it’s HP in it’s cluster mortar. Shoot that bullet sponge off and few more shots are needed to blow it up.
Instead, how about the apo hunter won’t go down before 5x out of it’s 6x components are destroyed? The 6x being: flamethrower, mortar, 2x engines, back fuel tank and optics (head).
FNIX hunter would need 4x, military one 3x and proto one 2x components destroyed before blowing up.