New Weapon Skins don`t work

Thank you Team for the amazing Update.
But i have a little Problem. I find some Skins but i can`t equip them.
I read some of you have the same Problem, but no one say how its work.
Maybe its a problem or i do something wrong :slight_smile:
I play on the Ps4
Thank you

The skins only apply for certain weapons. Are you sure that you are applying them to the correct ones?

Is the a Hint for what Weapon it is? The are skins that come for free with the new Update, and the i cant equip too. :confused:

There is a grey or arctic camo for AG-5, a green camo for AG-4, a golden skin for the magnus, a resistance camo (green) for the kpist and a skin for a shotgun (I think for the sjöqvist 12G).

Watch this:

The shotgun skin is for the 12G.

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Ok. Now i get it.
For all that need also a hint.
The Skins the came with the Dark skies Update are free, but youz must find it in the Game.
And the Skins are only for selected Weapons.
When you find some Skins there is no Hint for what Weapons.
So look at this Guns:
AG 4 Assault Rifle
AG 5 Assault Rifle
12G Shotgun
Kpist Smg
Magnus Handgun

Then you will see, what Skin you have find :slight_smile:
Good Luck to find all and thank you to the People that explain it for me :slight_smile:



I think you may close this one.

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Since this isn’t a bug I’ll close this one.