News about news?

@Zesiir or @Avalanche_Pontus,

Could you please give us some hint about when we’ll see some news about what’s going on, when we’ll get a new update or a roadmap for 2023?

I tried to find something on twitter, but there just was a tweet by the official account from 24th January that we’d get news very soon.

Thx in advance


I’m not a developer, so I don’t think I qualify for news reports. But I can poke Pontus about it!

Summons the Gipskatt

I know, but often you know something before others do :wink:


Well, in a way I’d say that’s a pretty good response. If neither of you two have heard anything, it probably doesn’t exist yet, lol.

You two are like the blood hounds for finding the new goodies.

I asked on stream Wednesday as Maevri was covering the Systemic Reaction login on stream. Didn’t get an answer


Hi there,
It’s been quiet for a while now, even on X there were no new posts for some days.
Can you give us some info about what’s currently going on, when we will see a new letter, a stream or an update for GZ?

Thx in advance

There will be something new tomorrow :slight_smile:

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The News Zombie is alive. (Sill waiting for animals in GenZ. Yeah, i know they ll never come to the game. The hope dies at last.)

i like news about news, it’s always good to have news about the news

Even better than news about news are updates about updates. :wink:

I am hoping for a content drop :coffee:

Is it that what you meant?

What’s new, except that they have a daily cycle during this limited event?

The event is new! We’ve never done it before and are trying out some things in the background for future reference:)

Its time for new DLC weapon experimentals or new exerimental ammo for them.