Resupply event - loot up!

A shadow looms over Östertörn. The Resistance encourages preparing supplies for what lies ahead while they try to find out more.
From now until May 5, Procedural Missions will be active every single day. This is your chance to throw a wrench in the works of the Machines! Seek out these varied missions and complete them each day to gain a stockpile of supplies and weapon skins.


26th April - Anomalous Signal
27th April - Repair Station Removal
28th April - FNIX Outpost Sabotage
29th April - Resistance Dead Drop
30th April - Resistance Radio Maintenance
1st May - High Value Target
2nd May - Anomalous Signal
3rd May - Repair Station Removal
4th May - FNIX Outpost Sabotage
5th May - Resistance Dead Drop

Good luck!


An interesting event indeed!
But a question

New weapon skins?
Skins from earlier event or just a bigger chance to get skins for those who still dont have all of the already available skins since 2022?

I think this Just goes to the newer players who don’t already have all weapon skins which originally came with the procedual missions… Otherwise we probably would have got some teasers or them, I guess.

can someone post a list of all the weapon skins that are possible from the event :face_with_monocle: I need to checklist off ones might be missing

Here are all available skins…

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Not much of a resupply if you have to use more supplies than the events yield. Which just makes the events popping up every day we play more annoying for those of us that already have the skins.

You destroy 10 machines but use more than 200 rounds, but you only get a few rounds as reward, if it is even what you used to destroy the machines. How is that resupplying? Maybe it is so one can stock up on things they don’t use or need?


You don’t kill Firebirds? I’m 9/10 on the expanded plundra because I always get more ammo/loot than I can carry. You have a 50% chance to get 5 uranium on resupply events. I have 4 characters/companions and 4 maps. Or it might be related to xp because I don’t use the female characters as much

I’m partial to 5.56 even though it’s not the meta. It’s not uncommon to go through 1000 rounds and I usually end up getting it back