NFT in video games

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You’re a fan of NFT, @xX_Michael_Xx ? Honest question.

I really think that NFT is a great innovation for visual artists who work on things that are more difficult to hang on a wall: video art/design, 3D renders, video toys, etc…

However, I wonder how applicable NFT is to video games… :thinking: Well… I mean… How valuable, mostly.

While I would be ready to pay a few hundred dollars to hang a video carefully crafted by my favourite artist and certified by a blockchain like NFT, I wonder why I would pay more money for an in-game cosmetic because it has been certified with NFT… :man_shrugging: NFT is great for individuals like solo artists, but how is NFT better than transactions made through Steam or any other digital storefront?

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Nft good cus they funni waste of money :+1:

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Michael here has a point.

Adding NFT’s to buy in game is good. This is so minimal work can be done and people will buy them anyways to support the devs.

I myself own 3 lazy monkey tokens as well as some other crypto.

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Yes I agree. It’s a perfect way for devs to be lazy and not have to do any real work to earn money.
This is why gz needs NFT’s


I’m sorry, but I fail to see a “point”. All they wrote is an opinion: “maybe add NTF collectibles”.

You, on the other hand, brought a new idea: “minimal work with more revenue for the devs”.

What you suggests seems like micro-transactions. Why rely on NFT?!

If publishers wish us to trade between other players, they should back decentralized storefronts like Robot Cache and make micro-transactions using Robot Cache too.

Rely on NFT because if they implement it now all the monkey PFPers will buy the game to buy the NFT’s.

I myself would love to trade them. I’d have my token as my pfp here but I don’t want people to screenshot it.

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I honestly have no idea what a lazy monkey token is nor PFP. :thinking:


Just for your information guys.
S.T.A.L.K.E.R 2 was going to have NTF ingame and that provoked such backlash that they removed that 1 day after announcing it.

GZ is already a game with various issues, including constant delays.
Doesn´t seem right to implement NFTs now. we already have dlcs, which with all these issues should have been free, but ok they needed the money…


There was a time when games were about experience, ambiente and escape from the world. It seems - according to some game companies - games are about possession, purchase low and sell high nowadays.

I don’t understand why everything has to be about greed, profite and capitalism. I was and still am against microtransactions and hate when the ludicrous concept of NFTs becomes part of games. Fortunately - at least momentarily - the majority of gamers and devs don’t want to have NFTs in their games (Source #1 Ubisoft Devs Slam & Call Out Execs Over Shady Quartz NFTs' Uselessness & Negative Impact - YouTube Source #2 Internet Mock & Laugh At Ubisoft Quartz NFTs As Almost Nobody Buys Them 2 Weeks After Launch - YouTube Source #3 STALKER 2 Causes Mass Outrage After Trying To Sell Shady NFTs, Backlash Leads To NFT Removal - YouTube).


Do you mean with that statement, Steam trading cards as well, because it will be hard to find top games without them, since most of the games nowadays have Steam trading cards on Steam. They are however not interfering with the game, but are mere visual props to collect on Steam and liven up the Steam pages, and easily ignored.

I am more against in game stuff (NFTs).


I think that it is easier to plant all the trees in Östertörn than to create hundreds of unique items.

If ever something like that will be introduced to GZ it should be untradeable.

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I don’t think NFTs would be a good thing for GZ (or any game). The dev team is small and has a lot on their plates as it is.
Introducing such a new mechanic in the game will take away resources that has to focus on this, especially since if people has payed for something that would represent a value that could be sold down the line.
If you buy a skin for a weapon that can’t be traded and some bugs prevents you from using it you would be pissed, until a fix was in place. But if the skin is tradable the bug preventing you to sell, might cause you to loose money. That loss could then be argued to be the responsibility of GZ/systemic reaction.
But if GZ went out with some kind of crowd funding for a new DLC I would probably “buy in”, given the track record so far.


Thanks. Survey completed.

I’m late for the party, but I recommend checking this video how NFT’s also impacts the physical world (spoiler: it’s not good for environment at all):


Alright so here’s my idea on why NFT’s are good for GZ.

So trading is a decently popular activity in the GZ community. Thing is there are dupe bugs and mods.

So instead of removing those like a bunch of nerds, we can instead have each item as an NFT.

Each item (GUN, AMMO, MEDS, ETC) will now have a receipt attached to it in the block chain. Do if any copies show up, check the chain, find the owner, and delete the fake.

We can now even catch modders for which some people want to ban because they are nerds but :man_shrugging:

A programming nightmare, and actually the end of Generation Zero, instead of good. It would surprise me if the devs are that dumb to actually go that road.

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Yeah but like

NFT is the future and I’m right

Google “michaeling” and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

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Can you explain what you mean with dupe bugs?

Duplicate bugs.
Where you use a bug or exploit to duplicate

And people who use those exploits are nerds you want to ban? Do you really think that the “nerds” wont come up with new mods and tricks to circumvent any new technology to keep them out.

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