Nightly Forest Raves

Note this is for the Xbox one version of the game (non 4k version)

So I’ve noticed that there are a lot of lighting glitches that pretty much make the forest lighting / shading at night time flicker. It looks like someone is turning the lights in the forest on and off (like a night time forest rave…)

Iv’e noticed this mainly takes effect when the moon is in line of sight (or just outside of it) as if the moons lighting is interfering with other lighting effects. However when not looking at the moon the lighting seems fine.

Xbox one

Lighting effects when the moon is facing the player causes the lighting to “Strobe” making it flash between light and dark.

Steps To Reproduce:
When ever the moon is in the field of view (or just outside of it ) the forest shading / lighting effects will begin to flash as mentioned before.

Images / Videos:
None currently but will try to link a video/ image once i do.

Host or Client:
Host (single player / solo)

Players in your game:

Xbox one (Original 500 GB version, using external storage)

Hey Espiritdecorp thanks for the report and feedback. Please follow the correct format and you can add any extra detail as you have in this post below. This just makes working to correct the bug easier. Please follow this format READ BEFORE POSTING - How to Make a Bug Report and then post here Sorry to hear that you’re having such an unpleasant finding. We are aware there are some outstanding bugs in the game and the team is doing all they can to correct them.

I have updated the post with the information that needed.

I have that problem on xbox as well it seems that if you keep your flashlight on at all times during the night the problem goes away