Nights very long

Playing offline ps4. After releasing 4 shelters I have a question … how long are the nights? they make me very long. Can you make it happen faster? thanks

You are in fall/harvest in Sweden so the nighttime is taking a pretty long period of the day… :wink:

So I’m afraid but there’s no way to shorten that time. Try to get your hands of some of those vision enhancement modules occasionally dropped by machines

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Unconfirmed but i have had a feeling that Fast Travel advances the time. :thinking:

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It feels like it would, though if the fast travel mechanic is like the one in The Hunter: Call of the Wild, the player just gets slingshotted across the map in an instant.

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I was at Granhöjden the other day when a tank went off the street towards the curch St. Maria where a safehouse is located. I fast traveled to that curch a bit later and the tank was just passing the curch. Either the time passing is negligent or zero. At least it isn’t the same time the player would need to travel there by him-/herself.

Reason why i got that impression was because when i’m doing my looting runs, i fast travel a lot and day seemed quite a bit shorter than me sticking to one point when engaging the machines. Could be just my perception issue.

Let’s say this fictional island of Östertörn is in the Stockholm area, around 60° north.
The autumn equinox is around october 21’st. That’s when the day and night is equally long.
The game’s story begins around november 10’th.
In mid/late november there will be:
7 hours of full daylight
2,5 hours of twilight
12 hours of night
2,5 hours of twilight again.

And it will only get darker until december 21’st.
So if the devs wanted the swedish setting to be a bit authentic, the night should indeed be longest. :wink:

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Has anyone worked it out yet? :thinking:

Yes. People worked out the earth’s axial tilt back in the middle ages, maybe even earlier… :wink:

Axial tilt, ha ha, good one! Next you’ll be telling them the world is round (as if). Lol!

The problem of scientific illiteracy is getting so big and depressing that I have a hard time joking about it! The great thing about science is that it doesn’t care about people’s feelings or personal opinions, or the half-assed “research” they’ve supposedly done by listening to a conspiracy podcast or reading a blog… Science just works, regardless of them. :wink:

This was off topic. I apologize.

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:joy: U know what I mean :joy:

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Seriously, though, does anyone know how long they are in gz?

Are you asking how long a day / night cycle is in comparison to real time?

Yes that is what I meant

Well, I will say this.

It’s been extremely dark since November update, to the point where it’s been mentioned a few times about the lack of sun.

During my time in Ostervik ( ref Gnomes ) we often spend sessions chasing the sun. I’d have to get the oracle out to check, but I’m 90% sure sun rise to sunset was 3 1/2 gameplay hours.

This was July when I last checked though, but fast travelling does adjust the time, as does hard reset.

I did a search on this forum, and in this topic some players suggest that the complete cycle is 4 real time hours, with 50/50 day and night.
I’m not so sure… I definitely agree that nights seem longer than days. I also think that’s how it should be. If you scroll back up to my comment (nr. 7) I posted the rough numbers for how it is IRL. :slight_smile:

I’m sitting up here at 62° north right now. In the morning it’s completely dark until about 09:00, and right now the time is 15:14, and it’s already getting dark again. All daylight hours are spent indoors, at work… :weary: