No clothes stats after april update

Platform: PC
Description: After the latest update I have stats only for shoes. Pants, shirts and jackets have none.

Steps To Reproduce: Restarted the game - same isue.

Host or Client: Host

Players in your game: Singleplayer

Specifications: i5 4670K, 16G RAM, GTX 1070

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Can confirm for PS4 Slim as well. Only shoes (and gas masks).

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Nope, this didn’t do anything in my case.


This is under investigation.

Thank you for reporting.

noticed i read your post wrong as i thought you said the items themselves disappeared my bad! the same thing actually happened to me for the stats as well on ps4 reg.

April update

a.k.a. The saucy days of spring.

Running bareassed through fields of grain from a mech has always been a dream of mine.

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Look… Fighting robots wearing only a gas-mask and pair of shoes feels natural to me. Lets me really put my humanity on display compared to these machines.

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Yup. All items you pick up in the world is flagged with the +, indicating they should offer a bonus. Nothing in my inventory except for two different pairs of moon boots actually gives me any bonuses, and it seems like those moon boots gives me something like 1% explosion resistance or something judging from the bar in the description.

I can also note that no bullet resistance and no impact resistance whatsoever makes hunters hurt A WHOLE LOT!

I just noticed this as well on my game. Same issue. Only have stats for shoes. I was wondering why I was suddenly being turned to Swiss cheese at encounters that wouldn’t normally do that.

Couple that with the lack of any adrenaline shots in the game now and it’s ramped up the difficulty level significantly.

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Hi everyone,

No effect status for clothes now. Impossible to choose meaningfully.


ive noticed it too , wonder if we will be told why by game devs

Same here
Platform: PS4 Slim

Steps To Reproduce: Pick up any clothes (except shoes!) with an attribute like visibility, bullet resistance or other. When changing profile the attribute is gone.

Images / Videos: N/A

Host or Client: Solo

Players in your game: 1

With the exception of shoes(!) the clothes effects/attributes are gone once you pick them upp.

If it makes any difference I am playing on a game/savefile that started before the patch.

Same here on the PC, missing clothing effects.
Update installed just fine on 4/17, on a profile just created on 4/15.

P.S. Thank you Devs for all your hard work on getting that massive patch out :+1:

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On Xbox 360, after the April update I can no longer see which pieces of apparel have any type of armor. I used to see a plus sign next to the item and then a description of its armor on items that had some sort of protection.

I just verified when I found a white T-shirt with fire resistance. I picked it up but when I viewed the item in my inventory it looked like a regular old T-shirt.

This also happened on PC when the update hit, the only “clothes” that still have stat boosts for me are shoes and the gas mask. Everything else is simply aesthetic.

I feel like that was either unintentionally broke, or the buffed clothes were not supposed to be obtainable as loot or were a preview of what we may eventually get with the crafting system (you can see crafting in the tutorial tab, but there is no actual way to do anything yet)

Same issue here. [PC, solo player]. When looting, it will show the + and the description of the boost. But when it is in your inventory, those stats disappear.

Same on PS4 as well.

Yeah they remove the Buffed Clothing, I think that is what they are going to make craftable in the future, that way you can style yourself and then craft what buffs you want on your clothing choices.

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I like that idea a lot more than the old system as it allows for so much more customisability with our characters

I have noticed as of today 23/04/2019 there has been a huge bug where all our Jackets, Ts and pants have lost all status effects and any new items of clothing with effects will not be added to our inventories can this please be looked into ASAP thank you guys in advance

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