No clothes stats after april update

I also have this problem…

It’s very inconvenient as I am a Vanguard that needs bullet resistance and impact and now I can’t get it

This is rather strange one. Can all of you please fill out this format and post in the comments here so that the developers can try to identify the issue. Sorry to hear about your experience. :frowning:

Hi I play on Ps4 and encountered the bug when I was playing with my friend and also in solo play

I simply went I the profile tab in clothing and there was no status effects except for the boots my friend was also having this issue

Xbox one … all clothing perks have vanished. Oh, well.

I also note that after the patch, the inventory system has some temporary glitches, like weapons showing as attachments, etc. Very unpredictable and annoying.

Before the patch, the clothing stats did not seem to work. Now after the patch the stats on all the clothes I have are gone, even if I find the same clothing with stats out in the world they don’t appear in my character’s clothing options.


Same with PS4 as well

Welcome to the forum, @CthulhuWolf. That particular bug’s been reported and acknowledged here.

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noticed that clothes disappeared or stats didn’t do much, but also noticed it’d been reported.

In the same vein, woudl be nice if the clothes menu was cleaned up (or there were actually armor, like a ballistic vest or something, and maybe there is and i haven’t seen it?) so it wasn’t just a huge list. Having something like a changing station or w/e would remove the menu and maybe condense the process somewhat? Just spitballing an idea. :slight_smile:

Also having a problem. Started a new game, and I cannot put protective clothing in inventory. Really affecting gameplay negatively.

Thank you all for reporting!


A few months ago I reported this bug and unfortunately nothing has been done about it, this issue has really turned me and all my friends off the game as all our character builds are basically null and void. I would of liked to see this issue resolved the game had such potential. Very disappointing.

Xbox one
Some thing is happening to me I’ll loot clothes it said + whatever but it doesn’t show up in my inventory

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Yep many reporting this , everybody has this affliction bug , Developer’s are aware , thank’s @Kurchop

please, we need more unique clothes sets and the current ones are just not enough.

Clothing may be a future crafting option hmm i think that would be nice , maybe or not ’ more stuff to loot is alway’s a good option ,:smile:

What we need is clothing resistance that actually works as it did before the 1.03 update.

Adding more clothing options most definitely qualifies as a want and not a need. I’m all for variety, but not at the cost of game mechanics. I’d like to see them focus on the mechanics of clothing resistance before adding new items. Whether we have fixed resistance on stuff we pick up or have the option to craft resistance into clothing is irrelevant in the end. Right now it’s just a broken mechanic and it needs to be fixed.


Yes mr i assume they gonna put stat’s back in anyway , i was just answering the new post , seeing that they was not talking about missing stat’s in general , and the dev’s have already acknowledged the stat’s a few post’s up above us , so we good to go on next update ? :+1: i hope so even though most of us have probably finished most of the game without the stats :rofl::beers:

Yeah, my first playthrough was part with stats and part without. The without part also game at the time of the “Great Adrenaline Drought of 2019”, making it quite a bit tougher.

On my second & third playthrough now. No resistance, but at least I can revive now that the adrenaline is back, so that’s a plus! Although technically my first solo playthrough. My missions were so badly bugged first time I couldn’t progress. I played through with a friend on his game. Now playing with him on his game as well as playing solo on my own.

I do wish the clothing resistance was back, regardless what form that takes.

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It just doesn’t work when you can’t lower your visibility when wearing camouflage… I think the clothing sys need an overhaul to decide what exactly player can benefit from different the matching of there appearance. Maybe protection wearing (like fragment protection vest and bulletproof vest) will be employed to improve game experience.