No clothes stats after april update

I’m not overly picky about my toon’s looks. I would wear anything as long as it offered the right level of protection like it did initially before 1.03.

Ah, really? I didn’t experienced that version, is the appearance sys better and more practical at that time? Hum mm

When you pick up some clothing items, they have a little + on the icon in the loot box. Those pieces of gear offered protection specs. Some protected from bullets, impact, fire, explosion, or added stealth. And you could choose your clotihng based on that protection.

Since 1.03, the stats are gone from everything but boots. If you go into your toon’s clothing tab and look at the boots, you’ll see some will offer different types or protection. That used to also apply for pants and jackets but they’re gone now.

Can someone else check stats on shoes? because my just got lost after downloading the DLC.