No map markers for discovered locations (farms, camps, etc.) post June patch


Platform: PC

Description: Map markers for most discovered locations are no longer visible after June update. I’m currently running on Farmlands and the first farms lost their markers (I’ve been there today just to be clear). Scrap yard and Ringford markers show correctly.

Edit: After completing all main, and most of the side missions I can confirm that only newly added locations in Farmlands and South Coast have their map markers. Old ones don’t.

Steps To Reproduce: Go to some random, undiscovered location on Farmlands or South Coast and check your map.

Host or Client: Host.

Players in your game: 2

Specifications: i5 4670K, 16G RAM, GTX 1070

Map Icons Not Appearing

I am experiencing this issue as well. To be clear, the lack of markers are for locations that I have already visited before the release of the FNIX Rising DLC. If you look at the screenshot below all the map markers for every location south, southeast, east, and northeast are missing . Before the DLC drop all those locations I had visited and completed on the map.

I am a bit of a completion and like to have everything done. I use the map to make sure I got everything and didn’t miss a location, weapon, collectible, etc. I hope this issue can be resolved and not require a new save because I have put too many hours into this save to restart. I would have to take a long break from the game before starting from the beginning all over again.

Edit: I can also confirm that revisiting other locations that I have previously been to before the DLC release do not reset its marker on the map. They are forever lost.


Same issue here, although the starting island seems ok with the location icons, it is just farmlands and after i think.



After FNIX upgrade I also suffer from the map icon bug. Haven’t played far but seems to work in Archipelago but not in Farmlands and South Coast. Tried the half fixes with going into main menu and back and creating a second character and switching back and forth. No success.

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Xbox One

Steps To Reproduce:
Open Map

Host or Client:
No online eligibilty

Players in your game:

Post 23GB update on Xbox One map icons do not show up as I discover locations. I haven’t progressed very far but all locations I came across in the Farmlands region post-update were not appearing on the map.


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I’ve had this issue, but so far it’s only been a few spots up towards the northern end of the island. Everything before that has appeared and stayed on the map.


I have had this issue from all farms in farmlands south of the airbase