No more 5 star item drops from tanks?

Ok Im not sure if anyone is having this issue or Im just extremely unlucky since may patch, but I can not get any upper level tanks to drop any weapons or parts. Whether it be 1 star or a 5 star. I just get a tone of ammo. Please let me know if Im just crazy. Thank you. Platform is PS4

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i dont realy know because i have mostly killed havesters because i find that tanks arn’t worth it in solo

I found a few 5 star items over the weekend from tanks, mostly scopes and an AK (but they’re not common.)

Same for me, no weapons at all, but I have just killed three of those big Fnix. And one with NO LOOT at all. Even if I have two skill points in the perk related to scavenging parts. Maybe the drop rate is low and you need to kill dozens. Platform PC, solo game.

Since the last patch and ~10 killed actually no good drops at all. an AK47 before that (not that I need gold weapons) and mate got a green bicycle from one today. So seems they have a different lootpool now, they used to be 100% some gold loot.

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I’ve got two gold shotguns and also gold attachments after june update. Compensator, extended mag, barrel extension. Personally I kind of like the gold stuff to be rare and hard to find.

I’ve gotten more Tier 5 weapons since the June patch, a Sjökvist Semi-auto and a HP5 among them. Keep in mind though that they will only drop from FNIX Tanks. Lesser Tanks will drop 4 and 3 star weapons, respectively. I dunno if weapons still drop from Harvesters, can anyone confirm this?

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Haven’t had any gold drops from harvesters lately, but I/we only attack them if they are really in our way.
Their drop-rate before the patch were quite low, so it might’ve been just bad luck… depending on how one sees it. I prefer ammo drops as they drain ammo quite a lot.

I found a 5 star .50 cal just after the July patch

will be one time only

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After killing 4 Fnix harvesters, I have got a 5 crown attachment, but no weapons.

Not a single Gold Weapon drop from either harvesters or tanks since I last posted here, so almost a week ago.
I’ve found one green and two(?!?) red bikes, but no Golden weapons.
No real farming done as there is nothing I need, we just killed a few that were stomping along the way we already were going.

Got yesterday a green Cykel from a harvester :grinning: and strictly NOTHING, from a Fnix tank that costed my half of all my good ammo and my medkits :rage:

Edit: today from 3 fnix tanks only ammo :thinking:, lots of 9 mm pistol, and a red Cykel from a harvester. Avalanche certainly knows I use a bike to go to work :yum:

A longtime co-op mate found an AK-47 in a Fnix harvester today when we were playing, so they aren’t totally gone from the ‘lootpool’ just insanely rare compared to earlier.

(Yes the game had a lot more charm when one got happy from a blue weapon, but it weren’t only the rarity that were behind that ‘charm’, it were that the game were unexplored, (and had a few bugs that while clumsy almost were cute in their clumsiness))

I wouldn’t say they’re insanely rare, but still rare enough that it’s worth taking down FNIX tanks every now and then. Keep in mind that Military Machines can also drop Tier 3 and 4 weapons as well.

At least some of the harvesters/tanks leave a decent amount of ammo now. If playing co-op with at least one more, you’re almost guaranteed your ammo back, if not you get it on the next kill.

The RPG actually doing decent damage again makes the occasional 3x8 RPG round drops worth it alone.
Even going at them alone isn’t a guaranteed waste of ammo.

Quite a fine balance of loot now, as I currently don’t want/need anything gold or XP, just ammo and fun.

I’m not sure of the exact number, but I’d say of the 10-15 last FNIX Harvesters I have killed, only 1 of them dropped a weapon at all! It was a 5 crown Meusser .243 rifle. Maybe 1 or 2 of them has dropped attachments, but nothing really good. That’s rare in my opinion.
Also, they usually drop a different kind of ammo than the one you used to kill them, so the XP reward is mainly why I take them out. Everything else is a bonus.
I have never taken out a FNIX Tank, as they are always 2 or 3 together.
I’m (only) level 20. Maybe they drop good items more frequently at higher levels?

I’ve seen similar results to you.

Also, the FNIX tanks aren’t worth it if you’re playing solo, even for XP (in fact, the same goes for FNIX hunters too unless you can abuse the AI to get them to stay still so you can snipe them). On the plus side though, it seems to be rare for them to be ‘fixed’ spawns. Only one I ever killed was at Torsberga (got a bit unlucky there I suspect, as it was the first one I ever encountered), and while I did get a 5-crown mod off of it (shotgun choke, which I felt was useless at the time but now love since I’ve mostly started using the Sjöqvist as my main weapon), everything else I got off of it was largely useless (huge stacks of 9mm FMJ handgun ammo, despite using almost exclusively 7.62 to kill it, plus a few compressed air tanks, and an advanced medkit). I don’t think I’ve ever gotten a weapon off of the few dozen FNIX harvesters I’ve killed though (those guys are easy if you wipe the runners that are escorting them first, the AI doesn’t seem to want to attack people right now).

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Where do you find Fnix harverters ? North ? Marshlands ? I meet only military harverters, Fnix tanks and hunters …

Most of them are in the North Coast region, but I have met them in all regions except the Archipelago.