Nonexistent Rivals

Platform: Xbox One

Description: My friends game has 3 active rivals but you can only see one of them on the map. And they are even leveling up but when they do it just says " has evolved to level 2" it’s blank, next time I’m in his game I can try to take a screenshot or clip.

Steps To Reproduce: I’m not sure

Images / Videos: None

Host or Client: Client

Players in your game: 2 including me

Specifications: Mine is Xbox One X, my friends is just an Xbox One I’m pretty sure.

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Thanks for the report. That does indeed sound very strange. They do move about, they won’t stay in one area but the fact that the name plate is blank sounds like a bug. If you can provide a screenshot or similar that’d be fantastic :slight_smile:

the same with me … and the bugs in general are much worse

Really? that one got reported by me already 1 day after rivals went live and there are screenshots provided. Also you can reproduce the bug. It happens when you have rivals on a single player game and then you join a multiplayer game and you kill the same rival on a multiplayer game. The rival is flagged as dead now, but in your single player game that one is still alive, but not showing.

Must be a similar thing to damaged componentes still working. Its just bad coding, maybe you could hire me as a developer. I could fix those two problems in one day.

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One of the friends I play with on XB has a load of active rivals according to the counters on his map, NONE of them show anywhere on his map and we can’t run into them. I believe he reported it on here a while ago.

I suspect that there’s more too it than that. I’ve not had this issue once, despite performing the actions you describe dozens of times.

I’ve seen it before though, just not in my game-world.

Actually, I’ve just seen the post my friend made and he doesn’t mention the Rival issue, just the crashing that he has along with it. If he plays his world in single player (with all the nonexistent rivals) it crashes in minutes, every time. But we can join his world ok, and can see the rival count, but no rivals.

Here’s a link to his post from December.

It definitely sounds like a serious issue. The crashing issues are being investigated, though I don’t know if the disappearing Rivals can be fixed so soon with the monthly patch around the corner, but I can make sure it gets some attention for a future fix.

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Im on Xbox one X and I have this issue also I had about 25 plus rivals on my map and all of a sudden there gone the counter still shows them as being there but they aren’t actually appearing on my map anywhere. When I join others in their worlds I can see their rivals but when I’m in my own world it’s back to having none of my own. I don’t know what led to this maybe when I joined someone’s game and they did the final story mission and “wiped out the machines” it wiped them in my game also. Don’t know if that helps but i have the same problem to report.

Same for me 2 dude + I had 3 rivals on my map before I switched to multi and they were gone except they were still evolving I think that’s how it’s happening. Just me tho I also play xbox one