NOW TWO Missions that we can’t complete!

My friend and I are playing through this game, and we love it, but there are very buggy missions! We now have two separate major missions that are stuck and un-finishable (known bugs we found after we got stuck and googled). These are main storyline missions! They are stuck because we did things in the wrong order. Shot something in a container before we found the mission, and opened something before we found another. This is really basic game QA stuff. Do things out of order and see if they break, and if they do fix it, or prevent people from doing them out of order somehow.

Please guys FIX THE BUGS before trying to add any more features. I’d much rather have a game I can complete than crafting or other stuff. Now I am considering start over from the start because these two missions are just forever stuck. Or maybe I’ll just give up and play again in a year when it’s fixed.


The 8 week update is due on Tuesday 27th

What it says above. Please do a search here on the forums in the future, a huge update that focuses in particular on fixing missions is just around the corner. I’ve also made a list thread about the most common bugged missions.