Number of mission Main and Side

What I was wondering was, how many Main and Side missions there are.
I have both expansions and I’ve done:
Main = 56
Side = 73
Just wanted to know if I should look and where to look for new missions. If I’m done then gona focus on Locations and Bots.

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Vanilla game
Main missions = 36
Side missions = 48

Alpine Unrest
Main missions = 9
Side missions = 11

FNIX Rising
Main missions = 10
Side missions = 10

Main missions = 55
Side missions = 69

Do note that when you look the completed missions amount from the “Log -> Stats” page, then all the missions you completed in multiplayer game are also counted.

E.g here is my stats screen (click here to view)

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As the title says, if you did every single mission in game what would be max be. I’m currently at 113 total missions completed. (63 war board and 45 side missions)

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There is 69 side and 55 main missions. 124 in total (that is including all DLCs).


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Why have we all had a fight that lasted 49 days ??? Bug ?

Most likely.

And this is not a topic where to discuss it.

I’m currently at 132 total missions completed. I still have more to do. I’m 200 hours into the game

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