Numbing Expert Challenge

I trying to do the Numbing expert Challenge in the Survivor tab. It says : Successfully disable 10 prototype class machines without being detected. I haven’t any idea how to do this. I assume that disable means not to kill it, (because of numbing in the title). I have made machines shut down, hitting it with a baseball bat, but obviously I was detected then. :laughing:
Is possible to disable machines from afar? I tried shooting an electromagnetic pulse round but that did not register in my challenge tab. Also I’m not sure if “not being detected” means not detected by any machine during this action. It have two done of the ten, but those I did accidentally without my knowledge how I did it. Has anybody done this?

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Check @Aesyle’s guides

I don’t think there is a guide for this one, yet. I did look of course. You haven’t done this?

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I gonna make sure now I have prototype machines in view maybe that was the reason it doesn’t work. And I gonna shoot with grenade launcher from a distance not directly at them, hoping the close impact numbs them while not detecting me. Problem is to find the right spot where prototypes runners are dwelling and where I can get some shots of before I am detected. For now I’m only encountering fnix and apocalypse class. This is not easy. I love it. :rofl:

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Since i haven’t finished Numbing Expert completely (currently in the middle of Tier 3), i haven’t written a guide for it. Figured that once i finish it, i’ll make a guide as well.

Though, i can write a guide to my in progression challenges and update them once i finish those. :slightly_smiling_face:

Maybe you just can state what exactly we need to do in this challenge. It is a bit confusing. These words (Disable) (Numbing) I might be understanding the challenge completely wrong.

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It’s simple: disable machines with EMP without them seeing you first. If you see yellow state in proximity arrow then they have detected you and you can’t advance the challenge. (Also, just started to write a guide topic about it.)

Ok Thanks, I tried that, but i was detected.

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Do EMP rockets work for this? Never had much use for them until now if that’s the case, I’d have to find some first lol.

Yes, I just got a prototype hunter from behind. If you fire at them from the front they detect you before they are disabled, I found out.

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Just finished my guide: Guide: "Numbing Expert" challenge

Cool. I will take a peak.