Okay, who *is* this guy?!?

And why did he have to stab this poor fellow sitting at the socket?

So I would expect him to step down from the socket anytime and attack me. Perhaps he is the big bad machine we’ve all been asking for!!?!


acording to a post here My photo : The Other Side of Glory, that is Gustaf Adolf


It’s an easter egg.

"Rest till minne av Mathias den Lagome,

1762 - 1769

Han gjorde sitt bästa"


"To the memory of Mathias the half-decent,

1762 - 1769

He did the best he could"

Rest in peace.

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That’s a tall guy for a seven years old!

Thanks for the link that makes sense that he would be honored in this game…Good information & it greatly adds to the RPG feel for me.

If you check the link he was within a month of his 38 birthday. Where is the statue?

oh, I was referring to @Zesiir posting … 1762 to 1769. I have a vague idea about who Gustav Adolf was … he had a thing going with our Christian 4.

You’ll find the statue in Hagaboda near the dance platform and the May pole near the waterline.

I found the statue, actually I was already at the safe house in Hagaboda. Nice statue and a nice addition to the game. The link to the wikipedia site shows a picture of him on a horse with a sword in his right hand. The statue in the game shows him with a sword in his left hand. I wonder if that was done on purpose or not!

If you look up maypole in wikipedia you will see a maypole very similar to the one in the game.

I wondered about this statue too.
The dates are 1762 - 1789, not '69. He was 27.
This Mattias statue also looks a lot like Mattias Nordin, one of the 3D artists for GZ. So my thought is either he or one of the other artists put him in.

(And Lagome has to be a play on lagom. Not too much though, just enough.)

Just curious, where is this statue?

Hagaboda. Up north. Cheers mate :wink:

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Thanks. :slight_smile: