Okay, who *is* this guy?!?


And why did he have to stab this poor fellow sitting at the socket?

So I would expect him to step down from the socket anytime and attack me. Perhaps he is the big bad machine we’ve all been asking for!!?!


acording to a post here My photo : The Other Side of Glory, that is Gustaf Adolf


It’s an easter egg.

"Rest till minne av Mathias den Lagome,

1762 - 1769

Han gjorde sitt bästa"


"To the memory of Mathias the half-decent,

1762 - 1769

He did the best he could"

Rest in peace.


That’s a tall guy for a seven years old!


Thanks for the link that makes sense that he would be honored in this game…Good information & it greatly adds to the RPG feel for me.


If you check the link he was within a month of his 38 birthday. Where is the statue?


oh, I was referring to @Xezr posting … 1762 to 1769. I have a vague idea about who Gustav Adolf was … he had a thing going with our Christian 4.

You’ll find the statue in Hagaboda near the dance platform and the May pole near the waterline.


I found the statue, actually I was already at the safe house in Hagaboda. Nice statue and a nice addition to the game. The link to the wikipedia site shows a picture of him on a horse with a sword in his right hand. The statue in the game shows him with a sword in his left hand. I wonder if that was done on purpose or not!


If you look up maypole in wikipedia you will see a maypole very similar to the one in the game.