Easter Eggs Compilation



At 4614.885, -180.900 is a the shining referenced in the maze. A soldier with a axe near him. It’s near the bear hotel.


Just for completeness, the rival name suffix “of Meatbags” has to be a tip to the murderbot HK-47 in the game Knights of the Old Republic. It was one of his “catchphrases.”
I saw @Ennui ask rhetorically where it came from and instead of necroing the spawning rivals thread thought it might as well go on this list. Two körpar with one stone and all that.


I still have yet to find this one.


I think it is a barn in the more north-eastern Mountain region.


Björntunet’s hidden room is a reference to The Shining. Also the bicycle the girl rides is present to further this reference. May I add TVs, lamps, and other factors of the games unnatural occurrences of activity apply as well.


One of the 3D artists for the game has an apartment over in Klinte, in the South East of town. The same guy who has a statue. It might not sound like much, but it’s more eggy than pop-culture references :stuck_out_tongue:
Edit: Seems the apartment blocks are the same, so that’s less interesting.


Yes, and room 237, which really shouldn’t exist. And take a stroll in the labyrinth and see what you’ll find. And the poem, and the twins … The Shining is all over it :wink:


Wait… there’s a Shining easter egg…?


Yes, very much so :smile:


Touché Devs, found your secret underground church base. This was legit epic. Thanks for the Easter egg!





I thought I’d been all over Himfjäll. Where is this?


Just under the lighthouse on new island along the cliff side. It’s hidden well. Use explosives or a gun to break the rock barricade. It’s noticeable once you find it. I could show the exact location but don’t want to spoil its location for those who don’t have DLC. :+1:


The rock barricade looks like this.


If you look down from the lighthouse it’s by a giant rock with a bush by it. I won’t say what side. That’s for you to solve. :wink::+1:


Or in coords:


5663 -46 behind some rocks


So who is the guy in the frames on the walls? Is it a shrine for Mohammed Gaddafi or just someone that looks like him?

Thanks, @RighteousTheory, for posting a picture of Holbergs ID card. The resolution on Xbox isn’t good enough to read the text.:+1:

Now how do we get to the organ? The doors can’t open it seems. I tried to turn on the boombox and kind of expected the doors to open and ticks to swam in, but no. :thinking:


Did you go to Himfjell, @Flick? I thought you were still exploring the mainland …


@IanForce I’ve not been to the island since before the DLC, no. My opinions on the DLC are known. I was chatting with someone last week who found the trigger to get in to that place, and we had that little exploration event. We couldn’t think of a way to get to the organ either.