Omniscient Hunters

I’ve been having a great time up until recently when I’ve been increasingly running into Hunters that can see (and sometimes even shoot) through things they should not be able to: the “railgun” hunters are the latter instance where I have regularly had them shoot me through hills (and at one point a bunker), but last night I ran into a Hunter on Himfjall where it tracked and shot at me through a church, a forest, a hill and a bunker, while it stood in the same area. It was particularly bad because it had some sort of cluster-munition launcher so it was lobbing the shots over cover. It eliminated any chance of playing cleverly: I couldn’t break contact and sneak up on it from another angle, couldn’t snipe around a corner, or find find cover and trade shots with it. The only way to “Escape Combat” was to let it kill you. I’m not sure why it’s happening but I think it’s something that needs to be changed fairly quickly so it doesn’t sour the experience for new players.

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