Optic Quality in Inventory

Hello everyone and Systemic Reaction,

I would like to report that any optic, whether that a Red Dot Sight, 1x-4x Scope, 2x-4x Scope, 4x-8x Scope, 6x-12x Scope, or 8x-16x Scope, none of them display their quality level in the inventory. All other attachments and weapons display their quality level, but optics do not which makes it necessary to look at their model in the inventory to distinguish what quality optic it may be through rust or the lack there of.

If any other players notice this please like this post so the developers will see it. If you have anything to add comment below.
~ Vatruvius


This is a known issue, that’s already been reported and acknowledged by the devs. I’ll merge it into the acknowledged thread but please do a search before posting next time.

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