Pansargevär 50 under powered?


The Pansargevär 50 is fairly strange. It doesn’t seem to do much damage or precision is very low. I guess the damage is low because I use a 4 star version togther with a 5 star sight

Snipping from Arkeltorp lighthouse with it doesn’t really work. Can also be that the railing is a solid object, stopping the bullets from hitting the target.

The Pansargevär is only useful for taking out beacons.


Agree. In my opinion, it is too weak and needs a buff.


I agree, everytime I fire it I feel like I’m wasting bullets. It takes down most of the smaller robots with 1 shot, but so does most of the weapons if you hit in the right place(5 star hunting rifles are better for that since you can use a silencer on them).

Just feels weird that it’s faster to take out a big robot with an SMG than the 50 cal sniper from a safe distance, hitting their soft spots.


I agree that it felt massively underpowered but I was satisfied with its rate of fire and reload animation.


Totally agree too. You’d think that using an AP round with what’s essentially an anti-material rifle would deal some serious damage, so I too was quite disappointed once I found it and it’s damage was far less than anticipated. The one thing I have found it useful for though is literally disarming the robots, especially Hunters, in a couple of shots - works well on the weapons systems of the Tank too. Beyond that, it’s a rather anticlimactic weapon sadly.

Either that or we’re all terrible shots haha.


The .50 BMG has a muzzle energy in excess of 13,000 ft lbs.

The .243 has a muzzle energy of about 2,000 ft lbs.

Yet, they are similar in this game. Fix the .50, or just drop it.

SINGLE PLAYER - Is it viable for the more Tactical Player?

It one-shots a Saab at least. Guess the bots aren’t made by Saab.

Personally I more or less stopped using it, as non-static things on longer ranges, without a co.op player closer to the target seems to be a bit odd.
Even as we tried 400+ meter shots close to each other, and know the drop, some things just simply doesn’t care about being shot at from ~250+ meters, or even less at times. (one used the left tech tree’s first skill to see type and range (and lack of damage or even bullets hitting/missing the target))

I usually play as a sniper where possible. But it’s not my sting in this one. I have fun with other weapons instead, or avoiding combat and just sneak around and loot.


I have had more luck getting blue sparks with the assult rifles than the Pvg .50. Something is wrong with it.


The .50 cal one-shots an orange hunter at least… But more then a full gold mag for a FNIX hunter (18 bullets)