Parcour & Jumping challenges

Snipergirl, Last you said you felt that upgrading jump boost on Apparel, did not make a great difference. But sometime it is just enough to make a difference. How about we have some fun and try to climb/jump on spots just by using the environment. You can use items that you can move, etc. but absolutely no blasting ourselves onto the target, and do it alone.

Because not every body is well versed in making videos, we have to trust that the rules are not broken. So I just post a photo. I first tried to get on the long roof near the Hotel (see pic), without the boost. That did not work. But with with the boost I got on there.

So anyone, if you want to play, go there and jump onto that roof. coords 4546, -105 and post your picture.


From the picture, I am sure I know where that is at. I will try.

BTW, I have been trying to jump on things more since I posted it didn’t seem to make much difference and every co-op game I am in where I jump on something, another player has jumped where i did.

Ok. I had to jump up on the wall, then on to the blue building the jump to the long building by it


I will post some more jumps, I not saying they are hard, but I had to work for it.

Here I am in Annagruvan on the slanted beam diagonally of the stairs of the Mining Tower.

You, and anybody can post any other jumping challenge as well. I love to do this. Just trying to get where no man has gone before.

Here I am at the door of the crane at Readiness Storage 018 on Himfjäll. 3517, -185

Here is one that was hard to get to.
I am laying on my pet!

And now just posing.


Yes that was a nice one. :+1:

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Try running on the walls of the maze and not fall off. You have to jump from wall to wall to get all the way across.

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Good, but it can be done without the help of the blue building.
Btw. do you play with a controller on PC? I feel that jumping with the keyboard is less precise.

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I have a controller but use a mechanical gaming KB. I bought the controller after I had been playing GZ for to long and found a controller to hard to use.

But the keyboard is slow at times to control all movement like jumps.

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The maze, was a-Maze-ing. :+1:


Here a jump onto the corner of a crane on the far pier at Tarnboda Skans I did a while back. You can see my health is low, Not sure if it was from falling or from the enemies around. When you try it, tell me how you did it. :coffee:

That name is what I call my base or did you already know that?

Alpha Base A-Maz-Ing. I don’t use the auto doors but a bunch of walls with staggered gaps.

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Ok… I will try and do it tonight… I need to get gear ready for work.

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No I didn’t know that. Is it like a maze? Mine is also a bit like a maze, but an easy maze. :rofl:

While you are there at Tarnboda Skans take shot from this rooftop as well. 3900, 78

Or this one below, but this pretty tricky… 3889, 53

Here on the protruding stone of the tower of the Soviet Castle in the Farmlands

Ok I got the first one but can’t seem to figure out to get on the roof of the 2nd one. I had a reaper spawn near by so exited the area.

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Do you remember the way you got up there? I like to compare if you found another way, and try that myself too.

The tricky one, I did like this: There are some barrels in the front of the green office building we want to get on. Open the door nearest to the barrels, jump on the barrels and then running jump onto the top of the door.(tricky, can take you a couple of tries). From there onto the roof. :coffee:

The jump onto the crane corner has two ways that I know that work.

I love climbing things in this game. With the additions to Östervik town there’s bound to be a whole heap of new areas one can access… :thinking:


Yes, It was one of the things I named I would like the see more of. And I believe the devs have listened to us and gave us more parcours and hidden spots in the game world.

Edit: Östervik is filled with new parcours areas, or do you mean elsewhere on the map?
I remember the tower on Måsskår was a bit tricky to get into, with only jumping.

The one in my picture, I jumped up on the railing on the loading dock, jumped on the truck’s open door and then the awning over the loading dock.

Before you posted your picture of the crane I tried to get up there and haven’t made it yet and I can’t goof around with the reaper also wanting to goof around with me!

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