Patch Notes: Rivals


The October Update brings two big additions to Generation Zero that we’re excited to put in your hands! In this update we’ve put more of our focus on adding in new things vs. pure bug fixing, but as always we will continue to tackle some every update. Take a look at the Patch Notes and drop us your feedback so we can tweak to make the game better for you!

New Feature: Rivals

Whether you’ve beaten the game or are just starting out new, Rivals will add a whole new type of challenge for all of you out there. As you fight your way through Östertörn the Machines will start taking extra notice as you destroy more and more of them. Destroy enough and one may evolve to become even more dangerous than usual. These Regional Rivals will be designated by a name and a title that hints at the origin of their evolution. Rivals can additionally be created should they defeat you - these Personal Rivals will have evolved due to their prowess in combat against the humans. Like the Regional Rivals, Personal Rivals will also be designated by a name and title that corresponds to their exploits.

But the threat doesn’t end there. How you perform in the world has an impact on how the Rivals evolve even further. Should your Rivals defeat you again, or should you defeat loads of other machines, they will earn experience and level up. Each level makes them that much more deadly - at max level it’s definitely best to think about bringing friends!

New Gear: Experimental Weapons

What are new threats without new rewards for taking them out?! To match the challenge involved in taking out Rivals, we’ve created a new tier of weapon for each weapon class that have a chance to drop when you defeat them. As the Rivals get stronger, the better chance you have to get your hands on these powerful weapons. One thing you’ll immediately notice about the weapons is that they look like a mashup of existing weapons and the technology used by the machines - so as you can imagine they are a bit different and more powerful than your standard weapon.

These weapons include:

  • Experimental Klaucke 17 - Has a chance to trigger a small EMP explosion
  • Experimental AG 4 - Can set machine components on fire due to heated bullets
  • Experimental Pvg 90 - Adds a railgun upgrade that increases muzzle velocity and penetration, allowing you to hit multiple enemies with one shot
  • Experimental 12G Pump-Action - Features flechette rounds that will explode when armed
  • Experimental M/46 "Kpist" SMG - Includes an overdrive function that dramatically increases the fire rate
  • Experimental Grg m/49 - Launches 2 grenades in the same burst



  • Added 4 new emotes for everyone to enjoy!

Bug Fixes


  • Corrected an issue on PC where modifying controller settings could make it impossible to switch to the pistol when using keyboard.
  • Fixed an issue where some (mainly the Granatgevär m/49) weapons did not play hit effects when hitting water.
  • Hits from the Granatgevär m/49 should no longer always display its explosion and soot effects upwards.
  • Fixed an issue where hits from the Granatgevär m/49 were not playing the correct material effect.


  • Fixed mission item for “The Gas Factory”.
  • Corrected mission markers for the “Lone Wolf” mission.
  • Fixed an issue where several dialogues could sometimes be played simultaneously during the final mission.
  • “Enemy of My Enemy” now correctly appears in the mission log.


  • Fixed an issue that could cause ammo boxes not to populate loot for clients in multiplayer games.
  • Tweaked loot tables to correct an issue with clients in a multiplayer game sometimes getting too much loot.


  • The Hunter’s flechette shotgun now has a projectile spread as intended.


  • Various tweaks to floating/misplaced world props/assets.


  • Corrected an issue that could cause thrown items to remain displayed in the hand after being used.


  • Relay beacons now show on the map legend.


  • Multiple crash causes located and fixed.


Hi Graham,


Um, the thing I am stuck with is that my last mission led nowhere, and I came to a halt (I think just before Enemy of my Enemy, but not certain), all the warboards are blank, and I have nowhere to go, and I know many others are in the same place, so simply cannot continue to follow the story. How will we recommence? Will the next Main Mission magically appear in our log, or what?


This update sounds awesome! I’ll have to stop being reckless when fighting. :slight_smile:
The experimental weapons sound awesome as well, as for a while I thought that we should have machine-like weapons. Thank you! :slight_smile:


Yup, exactly! Sorry for the trouble, but the mission should appear in your log once the update goes out on Monday.



Excellent! Thank you. I have one more question if you have a moment…

When we restart after Monday, are there Rivals out there already, or will they spawn as we kill machines from then on? I caught up the emission on Twitch and when your oppo brought up the map, it had 10-15 Rivals already in place. So will they spawn spontaneously (and at once) based upon previous kills, or will one suddenly appear as we go forward, followed by another in a different area as we do kills there?

Also, if someone starts the game from scratch (as I intend to do to make a survival training video) I assume that there are no Rivals, and that they would only spawn much later as a response, and as an escalation, to the growing expertise of the player, is that right?


So if I am reading this correctly, the Rival system is similar to a renamed “Nemesis system” from Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor?


How about fixing the loot boxes for single players a lot are still coming up empty (xbox). Also if the rivals get harder how can you beat them if you’re a solo player and don’t want to play with anyone else???.


Wait, why are there no experimental versions of AG5 and HP5?


There will only be one experimental weapon version of every weapon class.


@Avalanche_Graham Hi. First of all, I love this update, and the game in general! Keep up the good work.

Secondly I want to ask if you are aware and working on a couple of weapon bugs?:
1: Since I started playing the game in June I very often experience that when I press triangle (on PS4) to change weapons, it lowers the gun and bring the same gun up again. It is very frustrating in battles when I want to switch from my sniper/hunting rifle to another weapon type, I might have to try 2-4 times before I get my other weapon up. It feels like it usually happen if I want to switch away from the sniper or hunting rifle, and it doesn’t matter if the sniper is in weapon slot 1 or 2.
I have also tried waiting a second after reloading or exciting the scope aim before switching weapons, but it doesn’t matter.

2: A new bug (for me atleast) after the September update, is that after riding a bike, it is impossible to reload the weapons. I then have to open a box, a car or a door or loot an enemy to be able to reload again.


Sounds like an good update and nice addition to the game.

A small request regarding the bugs and the forum. It would be nice if you, @Avalanche_Graham, could take your time going thru the forum and close the bug reports that are resolved in the patch (or earlier patches). In general the feedback on the forum posts from Avalanche is almost none existing.


Very carefuly, and taking a long time, with lots of ammunition, would be my guess! I intend to start again and try, solo…


If anyone is concerned about taking on the rivals solo, please consider checking out my youtube channel so you can get in depth strategies, i already have a video on getting you prepared for your first fight that i definitely advise any player of GZ checking out. I’d rather not post my youtube link on the patch discussion thread, so if you have any concerns for this update and its effect on solo play, search up Tenebris Infinite on youtube.
Also, @Avalanche_Graham when/how can i buy a pizza party for the team? haha you guys have seemingly knocked it outta the park with this one and totally deserve kudos from us all, i can’t wait to throw grenades etc in peace and take on my first rival! :smiley:


Aye check Tene out he puts out alot of Gzero video’s :+1:


My to do list for this update:

  1. Finish the story

  2. Kill a Rival with only a Magnus while the song ‘Big Iron’ is playing

  3. Make more tanks fly

  4. Die a lot.

  5. Torture machines using the experimental weapons

  6. Try to kill a runner with a bicycle

  7. Annoy random people with bicycles and explosives

  8. Fly.


I feel like this has probably already been asked before, but is the update going live on PS4 this week? Sorry to bother. :slight_smile:


Monday update , keep flying @Simulacrum_Protogen :rofl::firecracker::fireworks: i am currently study tank vertical velocity for science until the update monday :sweat_smile::lab_coat::eyeglasses:


The Rivals are beatable Solo. I fight them primarily solo and when they are at their toughest :sweat_smile:


But they spawn one at a time, and as you progress, right? So a new player wouldn’t have any until he/she had progressed beyond a certain expertise/success? And they could be avoided until they had grown strong (and profitable)…? I’m guessing all of these are a yes, and we’ll find out soon enough anyway…

Good to know you can beat them solo.

Oh, I know my real question - if you damage them in one session but don’t finish them off, does that damage stay, or do they respawn to perfect every time you log out?


The patch notes look great & I look forward to this update.